Oh how HE loves me!

Nature’s Bounty

Nature has an awesome way of surprising us by its wonderful beauty. 

I find I am always at peace when immersed in the grand design of our wise Creator.

~ Moylom Enterprises: April 9 2015 ~

Our Creator is amazing!
So many intricate details that only He knew we would need to survive – – from the tiny ant, to the stars in the heavens, to the flowers, to cells inside our bodies — He designed everything perfectly! I am always in awe of His masterpieces – – more so by nature than with humans, perhaps because looking inward is a lot more challenging than looking out. But seeing His magnificent work from an outward perspective helps me better understand how much He must love humans (me). He created man, after all the other creatures so we may have them to love, care for and enjoy for sustenance and companionship (Genesis chapter 1).
Oh how He loves us!

My thoughts were sparked after reading the following post by Leaf and Twig. The image accompanying that post was simply amazing. Enjoy!


all of the intricacies
of the universe
unfold in the maple blossom

See full post here: https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/24535604/9427/.

Contents compiled: May 3 2015.
Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises.

65 thoughts on “Oh how HE loves me!”

  1. Love it. I am just in absolute awe of creation myself. Feel very close to Him out in nature observing the intricacies of it all. Thanks for sharing this, friend. 🙂

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  2. Your post is wonderful and I always love Catherine’s post at seedbud! Great combination of two outstanding insights. Creation indeed is a great teacher! I stand in awe daily of the things the Lord has made and granted us who so often are undeserving and uncaring about His gifts.
    I pray you have a blessed week! Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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  3. A person named Raphaela writes a post and called this like it looks like a “bottle brush” which was interesting since it was only a month ago or less. I never knew either term and I like to look at plants. Details in your photograph do show how God gives us beauty, light and intricate designs in His creations! Smiles, Robin

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  4. I love this look!!! Thank you for sharing! You mastered it! And the message today was timely for me.
    Hey, I just wanted to share with you that when you click on your gravatar, you don’t have your website (wordpress address) listed on your profile so that when you comment somewhere and someone things… hey I like how that person thinks… and clicks on you it will lead them right here. Instead the only way people find your blog is if they have already followed it and are notified each time you post something new. The way I got here was clicking on your name and then deleting the first part of your address and adding wordpress.com to the rest of your name. Not everyone will do that. You already have a lot of loyal followers and readers I can see that! But you are limiting yourself by not adding that little extra door to you! I found that changed a lot when someone shared with me that little secret. Of course you have to write a lot and network to keep em (I found that out too!) 😉
    Loved this post! Loved the pic with the bear and the biker!
    Going to wander some more here!

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      1. I had this friend below that took me under his wing when I first started posting who shared with me how to do the below that I mentioned. I am sharing it here.


        Though you already seem to have a lot of people who have found you and love you, I only had two or three people finding my blog for almost a year until I fixed my profile and added my address.
        Other than that little tidbit, I’d change nothing! You are doing great!

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    1. Hi. I’ve been having trouble with the menu lately. Sometimes the tabs work and sometimes they don’t. Have no idea why. Have to sit and fiddle with it to see if if I’m doing something wrong on my end.

      Thanks for pointing out though… ☺


  5. Its just as lovely as the nature!! I am a nature lover myself, always baffled by its endless beauty…. I enjoy all you posts, glad to have stumbled here 🙂

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