Food Friday-Ish: A Date with Pasta

This post made me laugh.
Who knew food could have dating issues just like us humans?
Have a read… Enjoy! 🌷

July 23 2016

Mountain Aspen Running Union

Ground-beef informed me she had a date with a stunning fellow. The original plan was to grill hamburger patties – but sadly charcoal did not arrive. We waited, but ground-beefs date never arrived.


My ground beef was all dressed up for a hot date but nowhere to go.

I couldn’t let my ground beef simply be stood up. So I took to finding it a new date for the prom. I was leaning Italian food, it is after all a romantic and I knew would treat beef-girl right. A package of rice fettuccine made itself available and I knew this was the fellow for my girl. Things got a little saucy and a little toasty, which made ground-beefs father nervous, but everything turned out OK in the end since sauted Kale was the chaperone for the evening. Kale is a trustworthy fellow. A little salty, bitter, and is notorious for getting in the…

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