Phone Conversation #4

Annette: Ground rules? We are miles away so we can’t have any physical sex. That limits us to phone sex and sexting.

Michael: All forms are removed.

Annette: But you could slip it in.

Michael: If I do block my number.

Annette: I could do that. Easy solution.

Michael: So tell me about your childhood, dreams…in fact tell me what you are comfortable sharing.

Annette: Do I have to ask you the same questions?

Michael: It is up to you.

Annette: So if we do all this and I don’t want to proceed this will you be angry?

Michael: I won’t. I just want to get to know you.


17 thoughts on “Phone Conversation #4”

  1. On the surface Michael sounds like a great guy who understands Annette and really wants to get to know her better without all the sexual innuendos….. Hmmm a rare breed. πŸ˜€ Looks like he’s already pulling her in, otherwise she could have just hung up like Dr Meg commented πŸ˜€ I love these two’s convos. More, more!

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