Band on the Run

This is one of my favorite songs by Paul McCartney. 


32 thoughts on “Band on the Run”

      1. Yep!
        Like I was telling someone; it might have been you, people used to stare at me when my ringtone would go off. Why? Because it was the famous guitar intro to “Something” by The Beatles–written by my favorite Beatle, George.
        One white dude actually had the audacity to ask me how I knew that song.
        Say what? A black girl can’t like the Beatles?
        No matter, just one of the hazards of living in the South.

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      2. lol…that’s really bad stereotyping. Music is music. I don’t think of it like that. I like a little bit of everything but there are those who look at me when I’m playing Babyface, Otis Redding, Al Green, Marvin Gaye…how can a white guy know this very well?

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      3. I know right?
        I love ALL kinds of music; even classic Country music–the new stuff? not so much.
        The only genre that I don’t care for is Blues. It’ doesn’t resonate with me. That said, my mom loved it.

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      4. I love the blues but like more of the contemporary blues. There are different types of blues. I love Jonny Lang, Tab Benoit, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Keb Mo – all current artists.

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      5. OK, I’ll admit, it’s not bad at all. Your boy really can sing. But I don’t see myself chilling to it πŸ™‚
        Me and you gotta go back to Al Green, Paul McCartney and them.

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      6. We can lol – all music uses the same chords. You know without the blues you wouldn’t have Rock. Led Zeppelin plays a handful of songs that were originally blues songs.

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      7. I don’t know what it is but whatever it is it runs deep.
        I hate to say I’m repelled by it but…..
        Maybe it’s because I grew up in the South so I relate blues with hard times; especially for black folks back in the day.

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  1. I like this song! I always thought they said “man on the run” though.

    As for blues. The influence can be seen, albeit disguised, in much of what’s considered “rock”.

    I’m a fan of early, early blues; Robert Johnson, howling wolf, muddy waters. Those chords were born in the Mississippi Delta, bare but naked. But, if you listen, your hear them now fully clothed in synths, bass, keyboard, etc. But it’s still the blues.

    Many of those great RR bands owe their success to the blues. Some outright STOLE from da blues.

    Led Zeppelin ain’t nothing but the blues, doctored up.

    As a matter of fact, long after their candles started to fade, they found renewed success overseas, guests of those bands that copied them. These early blues artists were STILL popular over there.

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