Phone Conversations #7

Annette: So what is this poem you mentioned about?

Michael: It’s about you.

Annette: What about me?

Michael: How about I just read it to you?

Annette: I’m listening…

Michael: The colors that I once saw in you were in disarray. As the flowers have bloomed, the colors have ignited an eternal flame. The flowers have blossomed around your core. The walls of your insecurities have a blazing tapestry. Your quirks make my heart tingle. Even though we are miles away you are close to me. Thank you for letting me see the real you.

Annette: That is beautiful. What do you want from me?

Michael: We have already established that. I want your friendship and already have that.

Annette: Could you email that poem to me?

Michael: I will need your email address.


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