This lady has sharp eyes and can be a huge asset if you need a proofreader. Her poetry is also quite lovely. Here’s one I enjoyed very much. It can be read forward or backward which I discovered accidentally. Enjoy 🌷

August 21 2016



Outside her window
sits a jar.
Sheer curtains
sway a silhouette;
laughter becomes
She loosens her blouse;
a wink, a lick of those lips,
head tilts towards
to utter jarring words,
‘want to see more?’
‘Yes,’ I growl.
‘Give me all your money.’

Challenge: Write a poem on your blog in exactly 44 words (excluding title) where at least one of the words has to be Jar, remember to link back to dVerse. Visit and get inspired by the other poets, have fun and remember to come back throughout the week to check out if there are any new entries. We will select one of the poems to be included in our upcoming anthology, and if you are selected we will contact you to get your acceptance.

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10 thoughts on “MONEY JAR”

      1. I have known Dorna for over ten years now, we speak daily and she helps me proof read a lot and vice versa. She is a good friend and voice I rely on daily…she is a also crazy lol. Thank you for finding her work, she is a unique talent too.

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