Your Eyes

A poem of passion and desire by one of our dear followers. Enjoy🌷

August 21 2016


Such a sensual way to look deep into my eyes
My sadness you have dry.
There is a certain elegance to the way you smile
I wish I could get lost in it for a while.
Your passion can be felt
Even when I am not there.
I feel it deep
All the way to my core even when I sleep.
The different ways you would love me
Are visible in those gorgeous eyes, that I can see.
The softness of your lips looks so inviting
It gets me so excited.
Oh my delicate rose
Love the passion that in me you arose.
Such an unfamiliar feeling
To it I am slowly kneeling.
En Español:
Dicho de una manera sensual para mirar fijamente a los ojos
Mi tristeza que tiene seco.
Hay una cierta elegancia a la manera de sonreír
Me gustaría poder perderme en ella durante un tiempo.


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