The Appointment

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Weeks went by.
Cindy and John
communicated nonstop
and met regularly.

Their friendship was blossoming
into a beautiful relationship
and it was clear they were
the center of each other’s world.

One day the following event occurred…

Cindy,  would you like
to have drinks after work?
It’s been a while since we hung out!

Sorry Mel, I need to get home.
I have an appointment!
Maybe some other time?

Sure, no worries!
See you tomorrow…

2 hrs later, a text came through…

Cindy, can I over for a few minutes?
I have a few designs
I’d like to show you
for my huge presentation next week.
I could really use your input
to narrow it down to my best five.

Gosh Karen, I’d love to help,
but can we do that tomorrow?
I’m rushing to get a few things done.
I have an appointment later.

An appointment?
Who has an appointment at night?
What kind of appointment is that?

I’ll tell you all about it another time,
but right now I really have to go!

Okay, no problem,
you’re being all mysterious,
but I DO want details. Bye…

30 minutes later the phone rings…

Hello mom, are you ok?

Her mom:
Yes dear, just calling to see
how you’re doing!

Oh thanks mom, I’m great,
but can I call you in the morning,
I need to jump in the shower.
I have to get ready.

Her mom:
Get ready for what dear?

I have an appointment.
I’ll tell you about it another time.

Her mom:
Okay honey, please be careful!
What kind of appointment
happens at this time of night?
Is a boy coming over?

Geez mom, NO!!!
A boy is NOT coming over.
I’ll fill you in another time,
but right now I REALLY have to go.

Her mom:
Okay dear.
Please remember to be respectable.
Good night!

Geez mom! Yes I’ll be respectable…
G’nite mom…

It’s 9:55 pm. Five more minutes.
She’s ready. She’s excited.
She can’t wait for ‘The Appointment’.


[This is Part 7 of a new series entitled “Strangers Collide”. See Part 1 – 6 of series here ]


Contents written: August 13 2016
Originally published: September 1 2016
Copyright ยฉ 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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