In Pride’s Stead

Happy Saturday everyone!
Hope your weekend is off to a lovely start.
Say hello again to Brenda, this week’s quiz winner. This is her second win and thus her second round to earn a spot in our weekend ‘Showcase Reblog’. Congrats Brenda!!!

So without further ado, feast your eyes and mind on her lovely poem below. I must admit it was a bit of a brainteaser for me as it provoked a lot of in depth thought on life, faith, God, fate etc (see my comment in her comment feed). Have a read and see if you agree. Enjoy! 🌷

September 17 2016 (Showcase Reblog)


Spring blossoming tree. Dreaming girl on swing.

Fate has a strange sense of humor,

don’t you think?

There being no room for the likes of me –

I don’t fit inside their narrow box.

Swing with a Vintage processing filter

I’m not surprised, just tired.

The street on my skin not in fashion,

go figure.

The street in my eyes reflected back in disdain.

Park chain swing detail

Their eyes telling me 

I’m not right for the job.

A high school drop out with shoes

worn down by the pavement.

two swings

They want that happy smile 

worn by other blind sheep.

I’m not surprised, just tired of tryin’.

Waitin’ in line for a hand up

or a hand down? In here,

no one cares – pride left at the door.

Swing wooden seat hanging by rope with green background

Mine left on the bus, 

needing to travel light.

Instead, I learned not to cry

just because it’s unfair –

owning more time than faith.

Faith the currency of those too busy to see.

Swings in winter

©2016 Brenda Baker

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