Food Quiz

Hello lovely people!
It’s quiz time again! ☺

In a recent post, I was having a stressful day and needed a bit of comfort food. I proceeded to indulge in a meal I hadn’t eaten in years.

What was the meal?

Look forward to hearing all your answers. Winners will be announced next weekend weekend. Have fun!


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: October 18 2016
Originally published: November 13 2016
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52 thoughts on “Food Quiz”

    1. Hahaha. ☺
      No worries. How are you today?
      I’m a bit mia lately. In the middle of a few huge projects which have been taking up all my time. Just pulled an all-nighter. Went to bed at 4am. Feeling like a zombie now. Thank goodness it’s Sunday. Have to get to bed at a decent hour tonight!!! 😀

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      1. That must be brutal. I’m enjoying my Sunday. I often feel as though I’m auditioning for “The Walking Dead”, so I can appreciate how hard it is to function without sleep. I’ve been sleeping better recently. I googled a new breathing technique which seems to be working. Fingers crossed on that. 🙂 It continues to be super busy for me with next week promising to be just as busy. Thank goodness for my writing which provides a much needed creative outlet. 🙂

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