Life lessons from insects


Source: Yahoo images (
Source: Yahoo images (

If you fly aimlessly,
crashing not landing gracefully,
burning yourself on the fire
to which you were drawn,
then perhaps you don’t belong here!

But if you’ve been
washed down the drain,
shewed away,
have had things thrown at you,
have lost limbs in your grand escape,
and you are still alive,
then perhaps you do belong here after all!

Respect to you fearless insect hero.
Your boldness has brought
much inspiration to me today.
You survived  my attempts at making you leave,
and now I leave you be —
Be free!

I too once thought I didn’t belong here —
my less than graceful attempts
to land on my feet —
the many times I’ve been
knocked down by others —
the many times I felt
like I’ve reached the end of my existence.

But even with broken spirit
I pressed on, escaped,
survived, and have learned
it’s not how graceful I am when landing
but that I DO land on my feet

Thank you for this life lesson my insect friend ^_^


[Originally published July 2015]

Contents written: June 24 2015  |  Edited: July 11 2015  |  Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises

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