Tender yet strong

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If she falls,
I tell her shake it off,
Don’t cry,  be tough,  it will be ok.

If she cries,
I ask her to share her feelings,
So I understand why she’s hurting.

If she’s brave,
I praise her efforts with high fives and hugs,
So she knows cute girls can be tough too.

If she’s happy,
I sing and dance with her,
So she knows happiness is a gift.

If she’s quiet,
I pull her close to let her know
Such moments are valuable and cherished.

If she’s angry,
I help her channel her energy efficiently,
So she develops healthy coping skills.

If she’s loving,
I return her love generously,
So she understands how it feels to be loved.


Contents written: September 7 2016
Originally published: September 13 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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