As the emotional dagger
Protruded from her bleeding back,
She looked into her mother’s eyes
Searching for answers.

The pain she felt was unbearable.
She wondererd how
The one to whom
She ran for help
Could be the one
To hurt her so badly.

The betrayal left her confused.
Why would her own mother,
The one who knew her best,
Use that knowledge
To ensure her demise.

All those years
Of calculated mind games
At the hands
Of her maternal instructor,
Did not prepare her
For this final battle.

Was she a poor student,
Or did her mother change
The rules of the game?
She did not anticipate
This backhanded move.

As the blood poured out of her,
In the form of her stolen children
She would never get to raise,
She mustered the strength
To offer up one last plea.

“How could you do this to me, mother?
I’m your only daughter.
How could you deprive me
The opportunity
To be a mother to my own children?”

Her mother responded
With a cold, dead stare,
“Don’t worry dear,
It’s alright, you’ll get over it ”

But how does one get over death?
Her heart sank,
Along with the dreams
She had to be with her children.

Fifteen tortured years she waited,
But by then it was too late.
Her babies were grown
And didn’t know her.

The bond was broken.
She would never really
Know her children.
And so she dies slowly each day,
Of betrayal and a broken heart.
The blood pours out of her,
The loss, incomprehensible.

Contents written: August 23 2016
Originally published: August 24 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

25 thoughts on “Betrayed…”

      1. I’ve never seen Gilmore Girls, but I have heard tales of loving relationships between mothers and daughters. I know that when it came to my daughters, I was like a lioness and they knew I would protect them at any and all cost.
        Unfortunately….they chose the father who abused them verbally, mentally and sometimes physically. Oh, well.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. So this is based on someone you know. So sad. This daughter needs to get away from her mother. Something must have happened to her Mother to provoke this jealousy or whatever it is. I wish people would communicate more. A mother and daughter relationship is so special and should be nurtured and celebrated. Life is so short.


      2. Yes I know her.
        As a mom, I want nothing but the best for my children. So to see this dynamic unfold where a mother belittled her only daughter or facilitied her demise instead of lifting her up to be great, yeah, that’s very disturbing.


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