Bloodshot Diaries 

She woke up to the sound of thumping. The sound magnified and gave her goosebumps. She laid there in distress and every movement she made felt like she was being trampled. Her eyelids felt like dumbbells. The blazing sun that beamed through the window hollered at her flesh. That smell of sizzling bacon and yellow submarine eggs made her make a lizard face. The night before was all a blur, drinking mountains of alcohol to erase the pain. Her memory is slowly becoming pitch black. The twinkle disappeared in her bloodshot eyes. The smile has turned into a catatonic frown. The ground beneath her stumbling feet is beginning to deteriorate. The blue skies are now witchcraft gray with a splash of vodka dripping from the tormented stars. She doesn’t even look up anymore. She can only see the bottom of a glass and slurs her drunken words.


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