Scrambled Avenue

She walks down Scrambled Avenue searching for the pieces of her soul.

She is tangled up in a web of lies and bits of truth.

She feels like a door mat.

She walks in confusion and disoriented.

She feels like a fool for believing and falling for a chameleon.

The conversations that she had with him seem to hit a nerve.

The dialogue was always coated with selfishness and a sky like ego.

The promises he made were made to be broken.

This was never love.

Hidden agendas were carved. 

Over the years the anger boiled. 

He used sweet words from the orchard that he harvested.

He was self serving and only thought of the present not the future.

As she walked down she is seeking who she was before she met him.

She lost herself along the way.

She must find her identity.

Around the corner is Peace Street.


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