Peace Street

She had sores on her feet as she turned the corner.

She saw a glimpse of the sign “Peace Street”.

She couldn’t believe she made it.

She saw something for the very first time.

She saw the light to the answers.

She thanked God for giving her the strength.

She thanked God for the beauty that he created that she ignored.

She couldn’t blame the man she met.

She looked inward and saw fears that didn’t know existed.

She prayed to God to give her the strength to make changes.

She decided to approach her life differently.

It was time to acknowledge the darkest fears.

The reality hit her like a ray of light.

She needed to meet him to realize what was important and not important.

She separated her needs from her wants.

The spine in her begin to thicken.

Her heart begin to swell with the abundance of love.

As she walked down Peace Street she couldn’t feel the sores anymore.

She had a bounce in her step.

She took ownership in her failed relationship.

She now had confidence strong as a lion.

She now had knowledge and experience that was ripe.

She now had courage in her mind, body, and heart.

As she walked down Peace Street she saw others walking too.

They walked accordingly to their own fragile pain.

Understanding what love is became clear walking down Peace Street.

She needed God and the man she met to understand that.


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