The Devil’s Tongue

She reigns to be sinister among the shallow.

She requires depths and is waiting for your defense.

She longs for the articulate and rainbow of a mind.

His knees buckle to the sound of her voice.

She stands to be vivacious with the insatiable curves.

She will stalk you with her dismembered humor.

She will dance with the Devils tongue.

His charm escapes his personality.

She will haunt you with her ghosts of war.

She will break your spirit with her vulgar display of insanity.

She will unleash her wrath of hatred.

He crawls inside of his broken shell.

She will disown your white shadow.

She will be the bullet that is shot through your chest.

She claims to have been chained in the Devil’s dungeon.

He can feel the wrecking ball of commands.

She reeks of havoc and devastation.

She stands as the ministry of darkness.

She is a weapon of mass destruction.

His confidence disappeared in the light.

She feeds off the intellect as a serpent.

She walks as a southern hurricane.

She was born from the Devil’s tongue.

The first kiss he could feel his skin decay.


22 thoughts on “The Devil’s Tongue”

  1. She will dance with the Devils (Devil’s) tongue. Reminds of some sermon at the pulpit. I am not saying that it’s either positive or negative, but it is certainly a cautionary something or other. 😉

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      1. You are most welcome. As I have said to others, your words mean something and though some words are smaller in significance, they are still words that can have a great or little effect to your piece -they count for the whole piece or disrupt the whole piece. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I finally have a day off and i will fill my promise of writing a melody for your lyrics, i’ll try this one and will have the results for you in a few hours hopefully 🙂

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