My scars


I take great pride in my scars.
They are mine.
No one else can have them.
They speak MY story —
A story only I can tell.

To know me is to know my scars.
To love me is to love my scars.
My scars make me who I am —
I am unique.

I am uniquely scarred.
I call them my ‘Battle Scars‘.
I am a warrior, a fighter, a survivor —
And that’s just the first layer of me.

Contents written: June 17 2016  |  Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

39 thoughts on “My scars”

  1. A very authentic poem and message. Thanks for sharing. I think we are all quite unique but sometimes shared of owning this within ourselves. My post today is about embracing eccentrity in case you have time to look? Swiss greetings, Sam 🙂


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