Magnolia Cafe

She got out of her car with nervousness. She looked cute. She walked with class and opened up the door to the Magnolia Cafe.

I could see her from a distance and she looked gorgeous. I loved the simplicity. She didn’t need much make up to show her beauty. She wore a pair of jeans and a blouse.

I greeted her with a hug. We exchanged glowing smiles. We sat down and talked for hours.
We discussed religion versus spirituality. We discussed politics, racism, parenting, music, movies, love, and all of our past experiences. I could feel the puzzle gelling together. There was so much comfort. The words just poured out naturally. I was in awe by the harmony.

When we left together I saw her eyes twinkle. I held her hand as we walked out. I walked her to her car. I leaned in and kissed her gracious lips. She brought her body closer and could feel the ignited fire. Time stood still. I thanked her for a wonderful evening. It was a pleasure to finally meet her.


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