I saw you in my dreams



I hardly ever dream these days
So imagine my surprise,
To see you there smiling handsomely
With that twinkle in your eye.

Dumbfounded I stood frozen
As you dined with someone else,
She seemed to be your lady,
Horrified, my feet felt like lead.

My heart sank when you said,
“Hi, come say hello to my girlfriend! ”
To rub your happiness in my face like that
Was cruel since we used to be an item.

I stood there trying to smile and talk
Wishing the ground would swallow me whole,
Then looked at my watch as I explained,
I really had to rush to work.

To see you in my dreams like this
Isn’t fun at all to picture.
I hope this never happens again
Or is this a prediction of the future?


Image source: Digital Art by A~I.R.B.
Contents compiled: March 4 2017
Originally published: March 4 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

12 thoughts on “I saw you in my dreams”

      1. Oh wow.
        I usually only sleep 4 hours since I go to bed 1 am and I’m up at 5am but when I sleep longer chances are I’ll dream. Last night I fell asleep around 9pm and slept til morning. Bummed that what should have been a beautiful night’s sleep ended with a nightmare. Sucks!!!

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