The conjuring



Some manipulate to make a point.
Some manipulate to play games.
Some manipulate just to get your attention.

“I did it to get your attention! ”
Is a traumatic phrase for me to hear.
I suffered emotional and physical abuse
At the sound of those words.

Those words conjure up memories
Of harsh, devisive,
deceptive,  manipulation.

Don’t handle me
like I’m a piece of equipment
to be used and be tossed aside.

Don’t manipulate me
to gain my compliance
like a puppet on a string.

Don’t think for one second
I could ever love you after
your cruel intentions were revealed.

Eventhough I tried
several times to forgive you
There’s a piece of me
that loathes you like
vile refuse for what you did to me.

My scars are deep
But I will learn from the life
I now have because of you.

I will continue to survive.
I will continue to thrive
For in so doing
I will unleash the best revenge
money can buy.

In the face of adversity
which I suffered because of YOU,
I will be a success!


Image source: Digital Art by A ~I.R.B.
Contents compiled: March 8 2017
Originally published: March 8 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

9 thoughts on “The conjuring”

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