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24 thoughts on “#IntrovertProblems”

    1. Yep. True for me as well. I’m usually slow to respond (not witty) since I’ve learned to think of the repercussions of my words before I utter them. Will they cause harm? Will they bring a smile? Of course I can’t say for sure what every outcome would be, but there are many uncomfortable conversations I avoided simply by thinking first and talking when I deemed the time to be right.

      I’ve often been labeled as shy as well. But people who really know me would know that’s far from true 😁

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  1. Sounds like you got a nice treat!

    I woke up at five to decorate so munchkin was thoroughly surprised when she woke up. She and doggie got cute little gifts. And she made me a bracelet and some art which I now have to frame. All in all it was a nice day spent mostly resting after a big breakfast and sweet treats ☺


      1. Hahaha😂😂😂For me everything seems to be educational😂😇Yoohoo happy weekend❤🎉
        Me? It’s already evening. I will grab a cold coffee, my book and read and chill out… then by 9 pm will watch some movie or comedy series with family and maybe call up some friends, have some dinner and lots of chocolate ice cream, go for a walk ,meditate and sleep😇
        What’s your plan buddy?


      2. Awesome man!! Enjoy loads, saturdays are best days ever!!😇You know what as a daughter I suggest you to take your daughters out and actually talk to them a LOT. Please I know if your kid feels lonely she will never tell you, Talk to her… I can’t tell you why am I actually advicing you this but I know how it feels. Much love❤Happy weekend👍

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      3. Will do. I’m a single mom so I encourage her to talk to me so she’s never afraid to come to me for anything.

        I grew up feeling misunderstood by my parents because we never really talked about anything that mattered. Trying to change that with my kid. ☺

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      4. Well, yeah. Parents don’t ever understand so I stopped explaining, instead I started dealing with all of it alone. I know they are too busy and stressed so I make it all alone or with my bro and friends. You are doing great👍. To talk and listen will be more than enough.👍

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