Can’t get enough of you…



Your lips are moving
But I’m the only one
who can hear you.
See, you’re a memory
Floating around inside my head.

Your voice registers
Deep within my soul
As the video of you
Replays in a continuous loop.

I’m holding on
To the memory of you
As tight as I can
Because I simply can’t get
Enough of the song
you create within me.


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Contents compiled: October 18 2016
Originally published: October 19 2016
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On Cloud Nine

You make me smile
You make me sing
You make me dance
You make me happy
You make me fly
I’m on cloud nine!



Song: “Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World”


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Contents written: October 14 2016
Originally published: October 15 2016
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Damn Fine Lemonade



I haven’t been in much of a creative mood lately. My mind is swamped with planning for a major event which is now only 8 days away. And of course,  when it rains it pours,  so toss in a few unexpected circumstances which left me pretty pissed off and yep,  my brain has chosen to run away from all the madness. No creative juices flowing today just good old ‘venting‘!

Sometimes I fantasize of a grand vacation,  just enjoying the surf, sand, cocktails, good music, shopping, good company and being pampered for a few glorious days. But of course I’d have to be a Ms Delilah Fox or a Mr Byron Belle,  because ain’t no such niceties happening to this gal anytime soon. All I see ahead is work, work, work! No rest, no vacation, just hustle!

Funny thing is, if I were to actually meet someone named Delilah Fox or Byron Belle they’d probably be in their own personal hell and wishing they were someone else. Go figure!

See,  life is complicated no matter who you are,  and as much as we’d like to think ‘the grass is greener on the other side’,  in reality it’s not! We can either choose to live in the moment, making a damn fine lemonade with those lemons life has tossed us, or we can gripe about the fact that lemons are sour wishing we had apples instead.  Hey, some apples are sour you know, better be careful what you wish for!

So, this is my life. I’ve accepted my mountain
truckload basket of lemons and I’ll be looking up new lemon recipes whenever I get tired of lemonade as I plan on making the best of this life I’ve been given. Hands up if you’re with me! ☺

Thanks as always for stopping by. Sometimes I have to write to cleanse my system. Writing is my therapy! Thanks for listening. Happy Monday to all of you!



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Contents written: October 24 2016
Originally published: October 24 2016
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Don’t take your blessings for granted…

Today I have much to be thankful for, but for now, I will only list 3 to keep this short:

1. Life:
I’m grateful to be fairly healthy and active and that I’m in a culture of great opportunity, free speech, freedom to love whomever I choose and not have that decision made for me.

2. Love:
I’m blessed to have a huge heart so full of love and that I’m not afraid to share such an amazing treasure with others. My little family fills me with joy everyday which extents to those around me as well as to all of you.

3.This blog:
I feel so fortunate to have this medium through which I can voice my thoughts and feelings and for the wonderful connections I’m making with all of you along the way. I love it here!

Feel free to pause for moment to thank God for something. We have so much to be grateful for, and it’s unfortunate that we often take those things for granted.

Hugs to you all and best wishes for a wonderful day! ☺ 🌷



Song: “Hawk Nelson – Thank God for Something (Official Pseudo Video)”


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Fading into the Trees 

If I disappear into the black you will see the illumination.

If I vanish in the trees you will see the autumn leaves. 


If I fade into the dust you will see the rise of the sun. 

If I no longer breathe you will still feel the cleansed air. 


If I cried in the crowd no one would see me.

If I stood among the ants I would still feel small. 

The requirements of my existence is in your head. 

Please press the repeat button. 

“my thoughts are not your thoughts.”


Isaiah: 55.
8. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
9. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
– Bible Offline

Ever made plans?
Every have them go completely awry?
Ever be mad at the world and God for not answering your prayers?
Ever have something bigger and better ‘materialize’ before your very eyes?
Ever stop to think that God was working on something that was much better, because He knew what was best for you?

Well I don’t know about you, but I had my hand up to all the above questions. I saw so many doors open for me this week and it’s been an amazing revelation of how marvelous God is to us.

Feeling very blessed today and lifting my hands to the heavens in humble gratitude to the Almighty.

Thank you God!


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Contents compiled: October 27 2016
Originally published: October 27 2016
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