Treasuring Your Magic 

I want to kiss your tears, 

I want to hold your sorrows in my palms. 

I want to clench on to you like a pearl. 

I want to feel the edges of your stars. 

I want to swim in your cerulean ocean. 

I want to gaze into your treasured eyes. 

I want to feel your darkest night. 

I want to sip from your cup of determination. 

I want to feel your magic on my fingertips. 

I want to embrace your wildfire and shine. 

I want to be on your precious canvas. 

I want to remember your liquid touch. 

I want to feel the bricks of your crumbled walls. 

I want to drink from your humble knowledge.

I want to photograph your delicate smile. 

I want to adore you like a gem. 

I want to wash my skin with your holy water.

I want to inhale the air you breathe. 

I want to cherish your halo and presence. 

I want to feel close to you in ways that no one can comprehend. 

The Knave’s Carousel

The fist of the angry tattered man raised above his barbaric head. He was stuck in his fictitious crumbling vision. The lies spun around on the carousel and was unable to face the truth. His nails scratched at the coffin of deception. He was crippled by the reality.

The veins of the knave became thin as clarity washed over the walls of frustration. The carousel still spun as the fire within burned all of his precious memories.

The soul of the barbarian was deteriorating as he believed in his severed remains. The carousel slowed down as the innocent leaped off realizing their fate.

Things I thought I’d never say…



This is not a restaurant!
And even if it were,
I’d never let you
Act like this to a waiter!
Now sit down,
Eat what’s in front of you,
And stop being a little brat!!!!


Oh the wonderful joys of parenting!!! 😀


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Contents compiled: December 17 2016
Originally published: December 17 2016
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The Spirit Spoke…



The Spirit spoke to the Gardener.
The Gardener planted the seed.
The Seed grew into a garden.
The Garden blossomed in her heart.

The Spirit spoke to her heart.
The Heart became hopeful.
The Hope propelled her forward.
The Mighty Hand guided her path.

The Spirit spoke to the Angels.
The Angels watch over her.
The Love she feels is needed.
The Needs she has are filled.

The Spirit spoke to the Soldiers.
The Soldiers fight for her freedom.
The Blessings pour out of the heavens.
The Freedom she seeks is finally possible.


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Contents compiled: November 10 2016
Originally published: November 10 2016
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