Devil’s Playground 

The chards of hope lay in disarray.

The pieces that they try to mend are blinding to the wretched.

Your tarantula skin will burn forever.

The glare from the sun disappears into the haunting fears.

The moments are glazed with fright and hollow.

You will never sleep alone.

The buzzards flight swarm to the vigilantes, predators, and the devil’s playground.

The wicked laugh at serenity.

The python squeezes every breath of faith.

Your soul will be scorched by the gatekeeper.

The Devil’s playground surrounds itself with fog of heat.

Selfishness is the backbone of every slayer that you greet.

Your friends will be vultures and wolves of deception.

The witches brew is the drink that ignites the sparkle of the demon in your cruel eyes.

Only the warriors of Hell will deceive the innocence.

Before you walk into the Devil’s playground remind yourself you will leave it being someone else.

Your wishes can come true but there is a price to pay.

Do you not know where your mouth is?


She spills her food.
I ask jokingly,
“Do you not know
where your mouth is?”
She looks at me upstartedly saying,
“Yes I do!!!”

This has been a running gag
at my house for some time.
The expression on her face
is usually priceless.

So here I sit alone,
savoring her absence
and my midday breakfast,
sipping my coffee left-handedly.

Oops! There’s a spill!
So I ask myself jokingly,
“Do you not know
where your mouth is?”
I chuckle to myself as I respond,
“Yes I do!”


Image source: Digital Art by A~I.R.B.
Contents compiled: February 26 2017
Originally published: February 26 2017
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Charlene Ridgeway

Below a obsidian moon,
Charlene is dancing full throttle.
Young in her veins with her rainbow hair.
China doll skin with a tiger tooth heart.
The partners in her life leap from carnivals and parades.
They disappear like bounced checks.
The melancholy tattoos display her jagged edges.
Charlene is spoken like a truck driver who drove 10,000 miles across the country.
The clowns in the middle have stolen her despair,
Down the hallway you won’t see a picture of tranquility.
Her last name Ridgeway stands strong like a statue.
She can play the harp like Cupid on Valentine’s Day.
She can cook like a gourmet chef,
But no man has lurched in far enough to open up the door to see the harlequin skeletons.

Seeking Tooth Fairy 

Job Title: Tooth Fairy

Job requirements: Traveling 365 days a year, on call 24 hrs a day, light on feet, personable, and good with children. Background check required. Uniform provided. No fear of handling children’s teeth.

GED required. Minimum of 5 years in Traveling, Grand Theft, Breaking an entry, Tax Evasion, and imprisonment.

Salary: 150,000

If your record is clean please do not apply.

Preferred Candidates: Former Presidents, Mafia members, Game show hosts, and government officials.

Missing Nina


Clenched in her fist
She held the red pendant
Given to her
By her best friend Nina.

The memories of
Their childhood fun together
Flooded her mind endlessly.
She was motionless.

How sad to think
Her best friend was now gone!
Such a beautiful spirit.
Such an independent soul.

The funeral was just 2 hours away.
She still had no clue what to say.
A eulogy? How inappropriate!
Nina visits her all the time.

They sit and talk and laugh for hours.
To her, Nina was very much alive.
How does one speak of someone
Who is alive as if they were dead?

“Mary honey, it’s time to go say goodbye…”
“OK mom, I’ll be right there!”
Mary walked into the chapel
And stood at the opening of the casket.

There, in a beautiful pink dress,
Laid her childhood friend.
Leaning in close,
Mary kissed her cheek.

Then, she whispered in Nina’s ear,
“How do I speak of you
Without using the phrase
I see dead people?”


There was a knock on the door…


Mary, you’ve been
locked in there for ages.
Please let me in?
Can we please take about this?
Mary please let me explain?


Mary had been crying for so long that she drifted off to sleep. She hadn’t thought about her friend Nina much since she left Missouri. She needed to get away from her problems for a while. Perhaps it was time to pay Nina’s grave a visit.


[ This is Part 15 of a series entitled “Agony of Love”. Stay tuned for Part 16. See previous installments here.]

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Contents written: October 4 2016
Originally published:  October 4 2016
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