I would love to hold you in my arms.

I would love to feel you so close to me. 

I would love to cuddle up next to your skin.

All I could think about is you. 

I would love to converse all night long about so many things. 

I would love to feel your body close to mine. 

I would love to cuddle up next to your heart so I can feel your love. 

All I could do is think about you. 

The Lost Scarecrow 

Through the autumn fields the dark sky casts shadows of summer.

A lightening bolt strikes at midnight.

The bewitched scarecrow crawls out of the isolated barn.

The monster inside the scarecrow is now awakened.

The child inside the beast screams for his mother.

His mother of reason’s skin has become ashes.

The agony that the scarecrow holds becomes weight on his shoulders.

Time has made him the lost scarecrow because no peace was made with his loss.

The lost scarecrow’s heart has melted away.

He lives in the barn where he has watched his mother cry oceans of pain.

The lost scarecrow has finally made it to the lake of change.

He closes his eyes of anguish and falls into the lake to wash away the burden.

He is now sitting on the dock with flesh.


Awakened Tremble

She locks the door and the trembling begins.

The stir of twisted obsessions is on the other side.

She has awakened the fear that crawls down her spine.

He is patiently waiting for her next step.

She loved a man that wanted more than love.

He is a cold blooded assassin that is tip toeing around her house.

She trusted a man that is a hunter to the core.

As he opens up the door like a coffin he gently walks in the darkness.

She is waiting for him to take the next step…

They are playing chess.

In a split second the curved knife is deep into the back of his neck.

The prey was one step ahead.

Check mate.