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Anonymously Yours



Anonymity isn’t for everyone.

For some, 
it’s just a cool thing to do,
a fun game to play,
or just a business decision.
For others,
it’s of utmost importance…
It’s a matter of life or death.

For me, “A”, 
it’s the latter.
For my blog partner, “B”, 
it’s the former.

It’s come to our attention
that even though
our minds work well together
we want slightly different things
for our blogs as individuals.

we’re separating our work
into two different blogs.
Here’s where you can find me:

Thank you
for being our loyal followers
and we hope to keep making
the time you spend with us
as enjoyable as possible.

Anonymously yours,


Image source: Digital Art by A ~ I.R.B
Contents compiled: April 4 2017
Originally published: April 4 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

Tragic Painting 

Crawl inside this decorated masterpiece. 

Crawl in the garden of this hollow fairy tale. 

Crawl in the trenches to gasp for air.

Crawl inside this lost graveyard. 


Crawl inside this wound of romance. 

Crawl in the river between anger and hate. 

Crawl in the carnival to laugh at despair.

Crawl inside this forgotten casket. 


Crawl inside this broken melody, 

Crawl in the words of this pale chapter.

Crawl in the tainted memories. 

Crawl inside this tragedy without a trace. 

The Letter I Never Sent


Several years have passed,
emotions pouring out to a blank page day after day.
The courage was present as it was written,
but my heart was held captive.
I lacked the gumption to place it in the envelope.
My foolish pride is sitting quietly on a hill,
not feeling a breeze or gazing into the midnight sky.
It’s presence lives in danger and is isolated.
The fears that I kept close to my chest are chained and bound.
I sense laughter and stupidity if I wore my heart on my sleeve.
Perhaps this approach, philosophy, explains why I am sitting at a park bench by myself on a Saturday afternoon.

Several years have passed,
the letter sits underneath the lamp at my desk.
It reminds me to push forward and to take a leap of faith.
Today the courage is alive and have left my cocoon.
The more I learn about the opposite sex,
the more I discover more about myself.
I have charm, wit, intellect, and heart.
I have style, humor, and hope.
I believe in myself and have so much to offer.
The fears that I once had have disappeared.
Perhaps this approach, philosophy explains why there is love in my life.

Feels good to smile



Little hearts love me innocently.
Little hands hug me genuinely.
Little faces smile at me sweetly.
Little feet run to me eagerly.
Little bodies bring me joy unknowingly.
Little packages contain huge blessings daily.


Image source: Google images
Contents compiled: May 2 2017
Originally published: May 2 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

The Hawthorn Tree, Fire, and Waterfall 

She mumbled words of Dylan’s poetry staring at the waterfall. Often times she sits Indian style below the Hawthorn tree. She reflects upon her childhood and her insides become numb. She has tried for years to store these memories in a treasure chest without a key.

She spoke two words of pain gazing into the fire in the distance. The fire reminds her of those two words “Stop” and “Please.” She has tried a lifetime to erase the distorted glimpse of his face.

She spoke a thousand words in therapy in her 30’s. Often times she drives by the Hawthorn tree and see its aged. The fire is no longer there. She is a poet, writer, with a heart of copper.

She published a book of a hundred thousand words in her 40’s. The words that drip from her tongue feel like the waterfall. She is educated, accomplished, and respected.

As Her Mascara Runs

The silver bracelet falls on the crooked pavement as her mascara runs.

Her bedazzled mindset sits in a empty jar.

Her pockets are empty as she fumbles for the keys.

His presence consumed her existence.

He stood as a curse with deranged tattoos.

She is entwined in failure, mediocrity, and her bones are as fragile as her captive heart.

She raised the white flag but clearly he didn’t recognize her surrender.

The discomfort and turmoil scatters through her veins.

The ache and lost flame disappeared in their youth.

She has outgrown his lack of maturity.

She drove away recognizing to move forward was to let go.

A fresh start



I will not worry myself
with such things,
for in time I will forget
the routine that had become
such an important part of my life.

I gave you what I could —
my time, my love, my patience,
my appreciation, my admiration,
my acceptance.

I never asked you
to be anything but yourself.
I loved all of you
but it was not enough.
Sadly, I was never
what you really wanted.

I should have saved my heart
for someone more deserving.
I will have to replace this pain
with something more meaningful
starting today.


Image source: Digital Art by A ~ I.R.B
Contents compiled: May 1 2017
Originally published: May 1 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard