Erotic Poetry



Up Against The Wall – Part 2


Just stand there
Up against the wall;
Hands over your head.

Submit to me.
Let me have my way with you.
Let me thrill you.

Let me tease you.
Let me please you.
Let me devour every inch of you.

Enjoy the rush!
Enjoy the pleasure!
Enjoy my wicked tongue!


Image source: Digital Art by A ~I.R.B
Contents compiled: February 11 2017
Originally published: February 12 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard




 Up Against The Wall – Part 1

Kiss me
Like you mean it.
Ravage me.
Satisfy my cravings.
Don’t stop!


Image source: Digital Art by A~I.R.B.
Contents compiled: February 11 2017
Originally published: February 11 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard





Steamy shower.
Their silhouettes,
Barely recognizable —
Bodies entwined.

Delicious nectar devoured.
Bosoms heave
With favors reciprocated.
Bodies drenched,
Glisten by candle light.

Lathered, slippery, crevices,
Welcome probing members.
Ecstatic jolts of pleasure
Delivered deep inside
Over and over and over.

With such intense desire
Dripping from their veins,
They can’t get enough
Of each other.
Resistance is futile!


Image source: Digital Art by A~I.R.B.
Contents compiled: January 30 2017
Originally published: January 30 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard


The Rush

I woke up with morning wood. My senses are cloudy and only see the rising flames. The picture of your face is etched. I undress you slowly and feel the piercing. My hand wrapped around my swollen meat as I thought of your scent. The water that covered my body as I lathered up myself felt like a waterfall. You melted in my mouth. You tasted like sweet candy. Your body was a water slide. I treasured every second and placed each moment in a chest. I felt you engulf me. I felt the rush.

Triangle of Fire 

A night of young passion,
Twist and turns like a road in heaven.
Entwined and majestic,
A journey of explorations.
Mesmerized by the heat,
Champagne kisses and dripping panties.
Tasting pink treasures,
Pulverized by the lightening.
Blistering raptures,
A triangle of fire ignited by curiosity.

The Maestro

Spreading your lips,
Slipping my tongue deep.
Dancing deep inside,
Back to the clit.
Luscious slurping,
Pleasures of sucking on it.
Back to the center.
Eating pussy like a maestro,
Conducting a symphony.
The crescendo of moans,
Escalating fire rising.
Never stopping,
Feasting you.
The maestro isn’t done,
Until you cum.

Let the Animal Out

Come on baby,
You are too quiet.
I want to hear you moan.
Don’t be afraid.
Let the animal come out.

Come on baby,
You are too silent,
I want to know what makes you cum.
Want it harder? Want it slower?
Let the animal come out.

Come on baby,
You are too self conscious.
I want you to let loose.
I aim to please you.
Let me animal come out.

Come on baby,
You are too perfect.
I love your screams,
I love how dirty you talk.
I love the animal inside you.

Lean Forward 

Lean forward so I can watch,
Press your lips up against hers.
Feel her velvet tongue,
As I continue to pump.

Lean forward so I can feel,
Suck on her nipples.
Feel her ravishing skin,
As I fuck you harder.

Lean forward so I can listen,
Slip your fingers in her pussy.
Taste her delicious juices,
As I plough your wet bliss.

Dirty Fragrance 

Your fragrance made me melt.
The overwhelming sensations soared.
I wanted you more than ever.

Your smile took my breath away,
The licking of my head rippled me.
I wanted you more than ever.

Your lips sent shivers down my back,
The saliva from your tongue was thick.
I wanted you more than ever.

Your movements of your hip pulled me in,
The moans from your orgasm shook me.
I wanted you more than ever.

You just fucking me with no mercy,
Treating me like a playground.
I wanted you more than ever.

You being the dirty slut I want you to be,
Covering your lips with my cum.
I wanted you more than ever.


Sweat dripping from the pile driver,

Fucking your pussy like a battery ram.

You curse my name with every thrust.

Pulling your hair,

Making you beg.

You await for the hot load of cum to fill you up.

The Forbidden 

Your mouth widens as you feel my wet tongue licking your tight hole. Slowly preparing you for the inevitable. My hands are gripped to your tight ass. Feel the push as I enter the forbidden. You feel incredible sensations if you allow it. Breathe in, breathe out.

Sounds of Pleasure 

Toes curling.
Bodies slapping.
Quivering lips.
Drenched pussy.
Throbbing cock.
Orgasmic rush.

Barely Breathing 

I can feel you slither on me,
Climbing on me slowly,
Placing your slit over my mouth.
Barely breathing.
Grind your hips,
Let the juices drip down my throat.
Ride my face,
Smother my mouth as you feel your nipples.
Grind your hips,
Let your clit get sucked on.
Ride my face,
Smother my mouth as the orgasm soars through your body.
I love to barely breathe for you.

Talk Dirty to Me 

I want to watch you pleasure yourself.
I want to see you slide your fingers in there wishing it was me.
Talk dirty to me.

I want your hunger to take over and take what you need.
I want you to act on your intuition.
Talk dirty to me.

I want your thirst to overcome you and take what you want.
I want the animal to come out.
Talk dirty to me.

All Fours

I love it when you are on all fours and I’m behind you. I love sliding my rage rapidly in and out of you as you moan. It feels amazing as I hear you. I love it when you talk dirty. I love giving every inch as my hands are clenched to your sweet ass. I am getting closer. Where do you want my cum?

Sweet Drenched Spot

She embraces her warm kiss.
The electricity is crawling up each others spine.
Sensuality is spreading through each others bodies.
She licks her nipples as she arches her back.
She grazes her stomach with her lips as her legs widen.
She is tasting her sweet drenched spot with hunger.
She has a tongue that is dancing vigorously.


Keep sucking.
Suck Faster.
Let me gush in your mouth.
Swallow it.
Yes, just like that.
Don’t stop.
My toes are curling.


I want you more than anything.
If you were laying beside me you could see my erection,
In my dreams I could feel your affection.
I could feel you slurping, licking, and sucking.
Would you wake me up sucking on my lollipop?


Clashing tongues,
Dripping bodies of passion.
Naked moans,
Thrusts of ecstasy soaring.
Endless hours of pleasure,
Exploring every inch with tenderness.
Constant licking,
Slipping fingers.
Dedicated to give you multiple orgasms.

Don’t Stop 

Waking up mesmerized,
My mouth and face covered up in your juices.
Bouncing up and down to feel my tongue.
Grinding hips and riding my mouth.
Don’t stop.

Step into our twisty road of passion and feel the magic.

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