After the Shower – Part 13

I was shocked. I never imagined that Gwendolyn was bisexual. I was more shocked that she felt I was so deserving. It inspired me to continue to be that guy she loved and saw differently. I knew I had to make that first night special just like she mentioned.

“So what are we doing Saturday night babe?” Gwendolyn asked.

“Well I want you to look pretty that night. You always look pretty but dress nice and pack some clothes. We are staying the night. Is that ok?”

“Well sure” replying quickly but frantically.

She asked me this on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday she stayed a bit of distance from me. She appeared to be excited but kept quiet about Saturday. She told me to come over Friday but really didn’t give me a reason. It was quite perplexing.

After school Friday I received a text from her and it was quite mysterious:

“Be over at 7. The door will be open. It will be just you and I in the house. Walk into the upstairs bathroom.”

I did what she requested. As I walked up the stairs I could hear the watering running. I slowly opened up the door and noticed the mirror was foggy from the steam. As I looked over at the shower Gwen was washing her body. I could see her naked body through the glass. She saw me. She fondled and rubbed her supple tits. I stood there and watched. Gwen begin to spread her legs as her hand traveled down her to pussy. I could see her slide her fingers in there. Gwendolyn was circling her clit with her finger. It was clear she was entertaining me. I could barely hear her. Gwendolyn shut off the shower and opened up the door. She grabbed the towel to wrap around her body. She didn’t say a word and grabbed my hand.
She quickly dried off her body. She still didn’t say a word.

“Sit in the chair” she commanded.

Gwendolyn laid in the bed and watched me from a distance. I still didn’t understand why I was here. She leaned over to open up the nightstand drawer. She pulled out a long white dildo. As her legs were spread she entered the dildo. I could tell by watching this was happening regularly.

“Oh God I can’t wait for this to be your cock filling me up.”

I heard her say that as she was breathing heavily and became instantly turned on. She was plunging that dildo in her pussy fast and deep. There were moments I could barely see the white. She was squirming. She was getting louder and louder. She was on the verge of cumming. She closed her eyes and her body shook. This was a sight to see. She screamed my name. She laid still for a few minutes. Gwendolyn sat up.

“I will see you Saturday Brandon.”

L Word – Part 12

There had to be more to what happened that day. I have a tough time believing that all of this was just planned in a short bit of time. We haven’t had sex and she is willing to give me a blowjob with another girl. On top of that Gwendolyn and Kelly looked way too comfortable. It looked as if they had done this before. I naturally had to ask.

“Had you done that before?”

“Well not really” she replied not wanting to look at me.

“Could you please elaborate. Everything else is going very well” I responded.

Gwendolyn sat down across from me at the dinner table with a serious look in her eye.

“I am bisexual. I’ve known this for about a year. I have fooled around with Kelly before but never with another person present. She and I have talked about doing what we did to you. You were the right guy at the the right time. Luke has seen me kiss girls but that’s it. He was never the right guy. ”

“This is starting to make sense to me now.”

Gwendolyn was glowing and the smile on her face was from ear to ear.

“Brandon, I don’t know how to say this but I’m ready to use the L word. I love you. You are different and treat me the way I want to be treated. You respect me. I wanted to give you that blowjob with her because you were deserving of it. I know how guys are. You want all three holes and want freaky shit.”

We did have a great understanding and our honesty was flourishing. The ability at our ages to be this open and have open discussions about it was quite astonishing.

“Gwendolyn I love you too. How about you tell me your sexual boundaries.”

“Well Brandon that’s hard to do since I’ve never been penetrated yet. But I know some day I may try anal sex. I may be willing to have a threesome with a girl, not sure about two men. I don’t want to be smacked around. Pain just doesn’t sound pleasing to me at all. That’s all I really know at this point. I’m willing to be adventurous as long as you continue to respect me. Is that understood?”

“Yes it does.”

As our relationship evolved my writing did also. The poetry was just pouring out. In only a few months the love we had thickened. I could also tell that Gwendolyn was ready to have sex. I just had to make that first time special.

Giving More of Herself – Part 11

The poetry is flowing out of me easily. The attraction has become more than physical. The kisses are more passionate. The Caribbean sun has become the light in my life. We are still timid about using the L word. The caring, affection, and openness has gone to another level. I am amazed of what Luke didn’t see in her. His loss is my gain. 

“Brandon, I want to give you more of myself to you. You treat me awesome. Don’t you remember Kelly from Chemistry?” 

“Of course” I responded.

“Did you know she is bisexual?”

“No I didn’t, but why does that matter?”

“I know we haven’t had sex yet and you aren’t pressuring me like Luke did. How would you like Kelly and I to suck your cock together?”

“Wow, you really want to do that?”

“I’ve kissed a girl. I can handle that.” 

“I won’t say no” chuckling.

“I will give her a call” she says quickly.

 I couldn’t believe she brought this idea up. This is normally a mans’ idea.

“Kelly is on her way.”


How did she get this to happen so quickly. There has to be more to it.

Kelly arrived and they seemed very giggly. Kelly is 5’3 maybe 120 lbs, very pale skin, and has curly black hair. She is normally a very chatty girl who talks a mile a minute. Kelly seemed attracted to Gwendolyn. Kelly was caressing her back. I could barely hear their conversation from the couch but Gwendolyn finally leaned in to kiss her. They were standing in front of the TV as if they were giving me a show of them making out. I was so use to watching this on TV not seeing it for real. No clothes were removed but seeing two girls making out was a Kodak moment to seal in my brain. 

They both got on their knees before me and unzipped my pants. They pulled them off together and saw my cock already hard from watching them. 

Kelly begin to lick my balls as Gwendolyn just sucked on the head of my cock. Kelly knew what she was doing as her tongue covered every inch of my balls. Gwendolyn’s lips were wrapped around my cock, bobbing up and down. Gwendolyn had to share and just used her tongue to lick the side of the shaft. Kelly realized there was room for her to use her tongue. I looked down and saw them licking each side simultaneously. The feeling of two lips, two tongues were incredible. Kelly begin to suck on the head rapidly as Gwendolyn was sucking at the base of my cock. I could feel my body shaking. I could feel the cum rising. As Kelly was sucking she felt the shot of my hot cum in her mouth. Gwendolyn looked up and immediately saw Kelly sucking with a mission. Kelly stopped and leaned in to kiss her. I laid there and just in awe of what transpired. 

Distant Dreams – Part 10

Since our second sexual experience our friendship was evolving into something else. Both of us didn’t want to use the boyfriend and girlfriend label. We both feared that it would ruin what we have. We were greeting and saying goodbye with a kiss on the lips. It is difficult to define what we were at the moment. 

Gwendolyn had to visit family on spring break. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be if we were apart for a bit. It became clear that I cared about her and truly missed her. She did surprise me with a few phone calls and enjoyed hearing her voice. I don’t know if they were signs of love but something enigmatic did exist between us. 

I can recall the first dream I ever had about Gwendolyn while we were apart. We were sitting on a park bench under a tree on a windy day. As we were chatting she placed her hand on my thigh. We were in a secluded area of the park. She looked around and unzipped my pants. She slid her hand down my pants and felt the alive monster. She pulled it out and stroked my throbbing cock. 

“Don’t you think we will get caught?” 

She didn’t reply. She just stroked it harder and faster with a firm grip. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. This was smack dab in the middle of the day. She was jacking me off on a mission. All I could do is lean back on the park bench and watch myself shoot out a load of cum like a fountain. 

I found myself waking up every morning with an erection. Every dream I had she was present. Not every dream was sexual. Most of the time we were just just chatting. I was fascinated by all of this. 

When she got home from her trip I couldn’t wait to see her brown eyes and her beautiful hot chocolate body. I knocked on the door and greeted her with an emotional kiss. It felt like I was in a Nicholas Sparks book. Tears fell down from my eyes and I squeezed her all so tight. I didn’t want to use the word love but that’s how it exactly felt. 

This was a pivotal day. This was the turning point. This was day that I started writing poetry about Gwendolyn. 

In Command – Part 9

“Well when Luke and I were an item we never had sex. I am still a virgin. We never had sex because it just never felt right with him. I wanted him to make it special but he never did seem to understand that. He always wanted to have sex in a car, at a friend’s house, always in the moment. A girl’s first time should be romantic.”

“I get all that. That makes sense.”

A few weeks have gone by and nothing sexual had happened between us. Our conversations were becoming more intimate. I begin to share more of my writing and we would have long discussions about it. It was very refreshing. I had no idea how much depth Gwendolyn had. I begin to look at her in a different light and the attraction grew. We still never used the word “dating” or “Boyfriend/Girlfriend.” Things were just flowing.

She met my parents and they seemed to like her. They seemed quite happy that I was letting another girl in my life.

One Sunday afternoon we were watching a movie at my house and Gwendolyn had put her head on my shoulder. This was beyond friendship and our intimacy had gone to another level. I admit I did love her touch. I enjoyed touching her hands and the closeness. She naturally fell asleep on me and my parents were gone for the day. Something came over me. I moved her so that she was more comfortable. I placed her head on the pillow so she could lay down on the couch. She looked radiant sleeping. I leaned in to kiss her lips. I thought she was sleeping but she kissed me back. She wouldn’t let go and the passion was invincible. She brought my body closer. I laid on top of her as we made out. She was an incredible kisser.

I guided her body up from the couch so she could sit up. I kneeled down before her as if she was sitting on the couch normal. I looked up at her and gestured. Gwendolyn didn’t waste any time removing her pants. I told her she could leave her panties on for what I was going to do to her. Her legs were spread so wide and over my shoulders. I pulled her panties to the side. I greeted her shaved pussy with a kiss. I used my hands to spread those pussy lips apart. There was one word for what I did. Devour. Pussy juice was all over my face as I licked and tasted every bit. My lips and tongue went back and forth from her clit to her pussy. I looked up and saw her moaning. She would occasionally talk so dirty.

“Oh God, that feels so fucking good. Don’t stop.”

I could feel her body shake. As she begin to quiver I slid my two fingers to feel her drenched pussy. I was finger fucking her pussy as I sucked on her delicious clit. Her chocolate legs were wrapped around my head as she was biting her lip. She screamed like I have never heard someone scream.

“I’m fucking cumming, don’t stop with that tongue.”

I never heard someone so demanding and I loved it. I could tell she wasn’t even done with me. Although she orgasmed she commanded me to lay down the blanket that was on the couch.

“Brandon lay down on the blanket.”

I did. She laid on top of me with just her shirt and bra still on her body. We were making out intensely and just in awe with her touch. It didn’t take long though to straddle my stomach. She glided her body so that literally she was sitting on my face. She pressed so hard so that I could barely breathe. She was grinding so hard as her tits bounced. She was commanding me to keep my tongue up as she pressed down on my face. As she was grinding she was rubbing her clit. I was turned on by her being so commanding. She pressed harder and harder on my mouth. She let out a cry.

“Brandon I’m fucking cumming!”

Masterful with Her Mouth – Part 8

Perhaps Gwendolyn was right. I’m not being fair to her. I want her friendship but not opening up as much as I should. A part of me is afraid.

“Aren’t you going to answer Brandon?” she asked.

“Remember when I told you why I transferred to a public school? Well there is more to it. Most of my friends were spoiled. Their parents had great paying jobs but most of them I noticed were never around. My sophomore year I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. I met a girl in the process and we clicked. We never had sex but fooled around a lot. I did love her. Amber went out with a group of friends one evening and got into a car accident on the highway. The car was dismantled by a truck. It was a horrific scene and no one lived. I haven’t been the same since. My writing is my therapy and that’s why I keep it to myself”

Sharing that with her felt as if I just lifted 20,000 pounds of weight off my shoulders.

“Brandon, I am so sorry to hear that. I don’t know what else to say.”

It was that moment when the attraction was ignited. I sat on the bed with tears in my eyes trying to be strong. Gwendolyn got up from the chair and sat beside me. She leaned in and wrapped her arms around me. She squeezed me. She was hugging me with so much compassion. As she pulled away from the hug our lips were inches away. She leaned in and kissed me. I didn’t stop her. The kissing was so natural and soothing. It was as if we were meant to be kissing each other. Her soft chocolate lips were perfect. I was in awe by the magic of her tongue and the swirling in my mouth.

She placed her hand on my crotch and felt the stiffness. As we were making out she unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock. I was moaning with our mouths entangled as she stroked my cock. I leaned back with my legs spread and shifted my body. Naturally she laid down with her face between my legs. She looked up at me with her hungry eyes and used her tongue to lick the head of my cock. Gwendolyn spent the next several minutes just sucking on the head and occasionally licking the shaft from top to bottom. My eyes were shut and my body was in a trance. It didn’t take long for her then to have all of me in her mouth. She was masterful with her mouth and was on a mission. She was going to town and sucked faster as she fondled my balls. My moans were becoming more intense and could feel it rising. Within seconds I felt myself explode as I was in the back of her throat. She didn’t stop and sucked every drop of my cum.

Gwendolyn got up and used the bathroom. I just laid there and pulled up my pants. No words were spoken yet.

“I hope this doesn’t make it all weird now. We went with the moment. Did you enjoy your first blowjob?”

“Of course I did. So are you implying there are more on the way?” I asked with a delightful smile.

“Yes, but we need to discuss a few things. There is something you need to know.”

Show Me – Part 7

“We aren’t dating right?” Gwendolyn asked. 

“No, remember we are just friends” I stated with assurance. 

A few weeks have gone by since our meeting at the restaurant. We chat on the phone twice a week and hang out on weekends. As time progresses we are slowly getting to know each other more. We are starting to go beyond trivial and meaningless things to discuss. I don’t necessarily see an attraction at the moment but there is an understanding. 

Luke has been trying to get back with her but she hasn’t caved. They have been boyfriend and girlfriend since their sophomore year. Every six months they break up then get back together. This time she appeared to have cut the cord for good.

People are assuming that she and I are dating but we have plenty of distance between us. We have music and movies in common. Our brains work just a little differently. I am in the process of writing a book and she wants to be a Fashion Designer. I am naturally analytical, organized, and she is spontaneous. We are just too different to be boyfriend and girlfriend. 

“Are you ever going to show me your writing?” She asked.

“When I am ready. Don’t be pushy.”

“I won’t judge you. I am just really curious.” 

“I will show you but you have to promise me that you will have to keep this to yourself.”

“Brandon, I promise.”

I opened up the laptop and turned it on. 

“Come here and I will let you read a sample.”

As Gwendolyn read her eyes lit up like light bulbs. Her jaw had dropped and her eyes were glued to the screen. 

She started to read out loud:
I can feel your lips touching the tip of my cock, 
You know you want it in the back of your mouth and feel the shock. 

She stopped reading and the Spanish Inquisition begin. 

“Do you just write about sex?” 

“No I don’t. I write about all kinds of stuff.” 

“Brandon, when was the last time you got laid?”

“That’s pretty fucking personal don’t you think?” I asked in anger. 

“Brandon, if we are going to hang out and be friends you need to fucking relax. It’s like pulling teeth with you. I’m not as shallow as you think. You know I have a little book with poems that I have written. Luke didn’t care about stuff like that. So it’s cool that you are ambitious and have dreams. You seem to have your life mapped out.” 

Then I became that insensitive prick to protect myself. 

“So let me get this straight – you go from Luke, the first round NFL pick to an inspiring author, I can’t afford your lifestyle.”

“You can go fuck yourself. I thought you were different.” 

Gwendolyn begin to cry but didn’t move. She put her head down in her hands and I felt like a piece of shit. She sat at my desk in front of the laptop as I sat on my bed frozen. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean that” 

She looked up at the screen and begin to browse through my poetry without asking. She didn’t say a word. I needed her to say something.

“Who are these poems about? It seems like you were in love?” 

Tasting Arrogance? – Part 6 

The crowd at the party cheered Luke and I on as we were doing push ups. I am not all that athletic but I learned a few years ago on how to do them effectively. Luke also had a few drinks in him so I knew that I had an upper hand. Someone counted mine as someone counted his push ups as we were side by side. I was taking my time as he was racing to do as many as possible. He stopped at 56 and I was 5 behind going slow. My upper body was jello and was shaking. People were laughing as I took deep breathes. No one believed in me as much as I did. I was very sweaty but determined. I hit 55. My arms were numb but was able to do one more slowly to reach 56. Luke was furious.

Gwendolyn screamed at Luke.
“I can’t believe I am supposed to suck his dick over a bet. We are fucking done! What kind of boyfriend does that?”

Luke was speechless.

I looked at her with a grin. We stared at each other from a distance.

“Are you ready to suck my dick?”

“Let’s get this over with. You know I think you are a arrogant prick” she stated in such disgust.

“Come with me into the other room” I replied with many thoughts flying in my brain.

“If you really feel that way about me then I don’t want you to suck my dick. I want something else instead.”

“Well what in the hell do you want?” she asked.

“This is not a date. I want us to hang out for one evening.”

“Seriously. I can do that. I can put up with your arrogant ass for one evening.”

A week later she met me at a local restaurant Zachary’s. When I walked in I could see that she was nervous but did what I instructed her to do. She barely had any make up. She put her hair up and dressed the way I wanted her too – jeans and a shirt. I sat down across from her and tried to break the ice. It wasn’t easy since it appeared that we were so different.

“So I’m a arrogant prick?” I asked with a smile.

“Yes you are” she said with a chuckle.

We sat there for a good two hours and talked. We discussed family, college, dislikes, movies, music and all the things that people would discuss on a date.

There was one topic that her eyes lit up when I mentioned it. I told her that I was an aspiring writer. For whatever reason it appeared that she looked at me differently. I was no longer to be viewed as that arrogant prick.

The Bet of the Year – Part 5 

This is not the same Gwendolyn I have known most of my life. I transferred from a private school to a public my junior year in high school. My first impression of her was that she was a stuck up little bitch. She was a girl that everything was handed to her and despised people like that. She dated the star running back Luke Mays. I didn’t care for him either. They had a tumultuous relationship.

I didn’t take rumors very seriously since it was High School but the rumor was that she was still a virgin. Luke kept her around because she gave incredible blowjobs.

She and I met for the first time at a party after a football game. Gwendolyn was bragging that Luke will be a first round pick in the NFL. I told her there are many guys like Luke – trust me he will be working for me one day. The heated discussion got very vulgar and Luke over heard it. I flat out told Luke that there are thousands of High School football players that vision them selves playing in the NFL. This set up the bet of the year.

Unfortunately Gwendolyn became the bet. I bet that I could do more push ups than Luke. He laughed and agreed to the bet. What did I put on the line? If I win Gwendolyn is going to give me a blowjob. He was very confident that he could win. She was disgusted by the bet. If I lose I had to do Luke’s English papers for the rest of the year. All this showed is that I was smarter than him.

I will never forget Gwendolyn staring at me with her infuriating eyes of hatred and saying “I will never ever suck your dick.”

In the Nightstand – Part 4

Gwendolyn couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t wait to see him. She also couldn’t believe what he had sent her. The dildo was hidden in the drawer in the nightstand. She has been reluctant to use it. He instructed to only use it in her ass. She had never done anything like that but was curious. He wanted her to use it so she could see what it would feel like. The dildo has been sitting in the drawer for two weeks.

Gwendolyn got up and found some lube in the bathroom. The thought of it in her ass did turn her on quite a bit. She applied lube all over it and removed her panties.

She laid down in the bed and took a deep breathe. The tip of the dildo slid right in her ass. It did hurt a little. He did say it would. He told her to be gentle and to use the tip for a bit. It started to feel good with the tip. She became bold and slid it in deeper. She couldn’t believe she was fucking her ass with a dildo. Half of it was in there and she was moaning. He told her to push it as far as she could. Most of the dildo was in her ass. She was pumping the dildo. Gwendolyn was in awe of the sensations and the moaning was very intense. She begin to rub her clit as she fucked her ass. She couldn’t believe what was happening. It felt like a wave of ecstasy soar through her body. She was experiencing a anal orgasm.

“Oh my god, fuck” she cried out.

She laid there in silence and pulled the dildo out of her ass. She was in awe of it all. She cleaned up the dildo and placed it back in the drawer of the nightstand. Gwendolyn was ready for the real thing.

Hard As A Rock – Part 3

I woke up hard as a rock thinking about Gwendolyn. The images of her tits, chocolate skin, luscious lips, and her body sent shivers down my spine.

I could feel her licking the tip of my cock. She gazed up at me with her tiger eyes and engulfed me. She was sucking it as if she was sucking on a lollipop. She would use her million dollar tongue and swirl the tip. She enjoyed slowly deep throating. Gwendolyn sucked faster and harder.

The more I fantasized about her the closer in reality I was getting.
She was masterful with my cock.
The intensity was rising. In the matter of minutes I exploded. I was gushing.

I needed to see Gwendolyn.


Biting her lip – Part 2

She barely opened up her eyes but began to bite her lip.

She could feel his tongue licking the clit.

She began to spread her legs wider.

In the matter of seconds his face was buried and she could feel his entire mouth on her pussy.

She was drenched.

He used his hands to spread her pussy lips apart and slipped his tongue as far as he could inside her.

She moaned and her body quivered.

It was just a matter of minutes that she orgasmed.

He kissed her lips and told her to go back to sleep.




Caribbean Spice (Poem) Part 1

I’m inhaling the scent of hot chocolate,

Fantasizing about your caramel skin.

Aching to swallow you whole.

Urges rising like flames from your Caribbean spice body.

I must feel your syrupy lips.

Let me slide my finger between your bliss.

I am throbbing in a million ways.

I am haunted by your essence.

49 thoughts on “Erotica”

  1. Caribbean Spice…

    I thought that I had previously posted a like’ and comment with my first read of this poem. Alas, I must have fallen short on my completion. Allow me now to say, ‘it’s a delightful, stimulating read.’

    Biting Her Lip…

    Most definitely read like an excerpt from a steamy-smokin’ romance novel that I would want to read more about.

    Hards As A Rock…

    Again, another fine excerpt from another steamy-smokin’ romance novel that I would most definitely want to read.

    In The Nightstand -Part 4

    ‘She laid down in the bed and took a deep breathe.’ (I think you mean breath’, here).

    What a cheeky’ write. And yes, the pun was most definitely intended there. πŸ˜‰

    Once more you’ve proven yourself a fine Erotica Writer.

    The Bet Of The Year…

    ‘She was a girl that everything was handed to her and despised people like that.’ (You might want say -She was a girl that everything was handed to her and I despised people like that.)

    A very telling story. Unfortunately, I had known of many, many the prim-proper types like Miss Gwedolyn and her kind. Of course now I have seen the many, many who-would-haves…working behind some sort low-paying jobs because they threw everything away for some b*llsh*t reason or another.

    Tasting Arrogance?

    Is Miss Gwendolyn really intrigued by the superior mind or a gold-digger in hiding? I mean really there are so many, many possible outcomes for this ageless tale.

    Show Me…

    A very entertaining story. You could definitely take this story in some many directions.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Not that I am by any means an expert of writing of any genre, but your story reads, tells like an awkward teenage boys, is this intended? The haughty of expression and experience. The simple actions if the characters and sometimes their speech.

    Gwen begin (began) to spread…

    I could see her slide (sliding) her fingers in there..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well they are teens so I don’t want to make it too wordy. If written as a novel or a book this would be edited some.


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