Man of mystery



Sometimes she’ll catch him staring.
Often he’ll look away,
but once in a while he won’t.

When they speak
he doesn’t say much.
She can tell he’s holding back.

She’s beginning to wonder
if she scares him somehow,
or if she leaves him tongue-tied?


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Contents compiled: April 21 2017
Originally published: April 21 2017
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I Miss You 

I am haunted by your voice.
Enchanted and enticed by your essence.
I miss you.

I adore your sweetness.
I am swarmed by all of your qualities like bees to honey.
I miss you.

I am groaning to the beat of your heart.
I cling to your vision.
I miss you.

I am intoxicated by your vineyard of a body.
I want to drink you up until the sun sets.
I miss you.

The fine art of containment



Life would be so much easier
if we all just put things
where they’re suposed to be.

So much time is wasted
looking for missing items which were
haphazardly strewn then forgotten.

Chaos does not exist
when one practices
the fine art of containment.

I’ve always lived by the phrase,
‘a place for everything
and everything in its place’.

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Contents compiled: April 20 2017
Originally published: April 20 2017
Copyright © 2016 Inner Ramblings Boulevard

Wrath of the Circus

The bellowing trumpets, flying roses, and children’s laughter spill out in the banana parade. 

Ladies and gentlemen, people of all ages, let me embrace you with our mythological circus. 

The soulless acrobat without a vein walks a tightrope. 

The troubled trapeze artist steals the show with his limping courage. 

The drunken clown dazzles many with her sensual walk. 

The smell of popcorn, cotton candy clouds, and fountains of syrup are in front of your nostrils. 

The strongest man is weakened by the lack of attention. 

The flickering lights rage over the roar of the crowd. 

The juggler is balancing his demons and forgotten joys. 

The tiger isn’t tamed by his master but the cage the audience constructed. 

The vultures, ravens, and lovebirds lose their feathers in this affair of the entertainment. 

Your senses will be heightened and realities will vanish for a three hour show. 

Step inside the monsoon and feel the wrath of the apocalyptical circus. 

Breathtaking Lullaby 

She has guided his tears into the desert to dry.

She has laid beside him to calm the fears.

She sang a heart felt Lullaby to soothe his spirit.

She had the voice of an angel.

He couldn’t thank her enough.

A revelation is pronounced.

He kisses her on the forehead.

She breathes in the silence of love and admiration.

A new beginning was born.

The comfort that they shared was priceless.

He opened up more than he wanted.

She listened and it was needed.

The tenderness dripped from her fingertips.

He stared into her cerulean eyes.

It started with a breathtaking lullaby.

Step into our twisty road of passion and feel the magic.