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Sincere Apologies 

The sincere apology he gives is not enough. 

His discolored character is torn to shreds. 

Loneliness is a stench that doesn’t wash away. 

The actions and the words did not mesh. 

She claims to pay attention but she doesn’t. 

She claims to know him but she doesn’t. 

She claims to understand him, but she doesn’t listen. 

The apology is to those who he hurt. 

He is now questioning his existence and purpose. 

The truth that he seeks has only left him scarred. 

Advertise who you are and never leave details out. 

Let the qualities speak for themselves. 

Mistakes are learned. 

He will forge ahead changing his perception within. 

He will swallow his pride and will continue to learn. 

He never meant to hurt anyone. 

Unfortunately the person that is truly hurting is himself.