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Scorching Memories 

She gave me a starlight moment, 

She gave me a captivating sensation. 

She gave me more than I could ever expect. 

She gave me a ray of sunshine.


She gave me a bottle of passion to drink. 

She gave me a dash of spice. 

She gave me goosebumps from head to toe. 

She gave me the heat from the nectar.


She gave me more than I could ever dream. 

She gave me a scorching photograph, 

She gave me the sounds of ecstasy. 

She gave me the needle to my addiction. 


She gave me more time than I anticipated. 

She gave me a bounce to my next few steps, 

She gave me a window to inhale her air. 

She gave me the reason to appreciate what I have. 

Charlene Ridgeway

Below a obsidian moon,
Charlene is dancing full throttle.
Young in her veins with her rainbow hair.
China doll skin with a tiger tooth heart.
The partners in her life leap from carnivals and parades.
They disappear like bounced checks.
The melancholy tattoos display her jagged edges.
Charlene is spoken like a truck driver who drove 10,000 miles across the country.
The clowns in the middle have stolen her despair,
Down the hallway you won’t see a picture of tranquility.
Her last name Ridgeway stands strong like a statue.
She can play the harp like Cupid on Valentine’s Day.
She can cook like a gourmet chef,
But no man has lurched in far enough to open up the door to see the harlequin skeletons.

Treasuring Your Magic 

I want to kiss your tears, 

I want to hold your sorrows in my palms. 

I want to clench on to you like a pearl. 

I want to feel the edges of your stars. 

I want to swim in your cerulean ocean. 

I want to gaze into your treasured eyes. 

I want to feel your darkest night. 

I want to sip from your cup of determination. 

I want to feel your magic on my fingertips. 

I want to embrace your wildfire and shine. 

I want to be on your precious canvas. 

I want to remember your liquid touch. 

I want to feel the bricks of your crumbled walls. 

I want to drink from your humble knowledge.

I want to photograph your delicate smile. 

I want to adore you like a gem. 

I want to wash my skin with your holy water.

I want to inhale the air you breathe. 

I want to cherish your halo and presence. 

I want to feel close to you in ways that no one can comprehend. 

Dear Beauty

Dear Beauty,

Thank you for your existence and being a part of so much. I see beauty in truth, love, self discovery, in others, family, friends, and even pain. The tears of joy that I cry are because of you.

Perhaps we need to be more patient with others and look for the beauty they possess inside. It’s there, sometimes it’s just not easy to see. Most people have some beautiful qualities. No one is perfect. The key is to look past the quirks and imperfections. Some of those are beautiful too.

Thank you.



The Ballerina In the Snow Globe

She dances like a ballerina in a snow globe,

Dandelions adding lyrics to the sound of Mozart.

The sweet splash of watercolors hang above her elegance.

She glides for forgiveness and sways for sobriety.

The tinsel around her fury spirit is no longer sparkling.

She is twirling and spinning for a numb audience.

The atmosphere is toxic.

The ambiance in the snow globe is desolate.

At the end of the ballet only one rose was thrown in front of her feet.

God threw it with all his might.

Her tears fell to the floor like a tidal wave.

She only needed to dance for herself.

Thirsty for Brilliance 

I long to feel your closeness. 

I must feel the rapture of your elegance. 

I am grazing only at the threshold. 


I long to escape into the blazing fire of you. 

I must feel the hunger from your saliva. 

I am only thirsty for your sweet passion. 


I long to feel your enigma.

I must feel the wisdom from your gracious tongue. 

I am lost in your depths and candlelight. 


I long to feel your singing butterflies. 

I must feel the radiance of your invincible sun. 

I am captivated and in awe of all of you.