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Animal attraction

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Anonymously Yours,

Anonymously Yours


You stand close.
I lose my composure.

You flirt.
I feel my heart race.

You ask leading questions.
I respond coyly.

You get the message.
I expected you would.

You move in closer.
I can feel your warmth.

You stare teasingly.
I bite my lip.

You touch deliberately.
I feel a thrill.

You sense my excitement.
I confirmed your suspicions.

You awaken my senses.
I am an animal craving your heat.

Image source: Digital Art by A ~ 2017
Contents compiled: May 7 2017
Originally published: May 7 2017
Copyright © 2017 Anonymously Yours

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Your stare

Yahoo images: marriedpeopleproblems.com
Yahoo images: marriedpeopleproblems.com

I saw you standing there
Staring longingly at her.
Your eyes beamed;
Your face bright;
Your lips smiled
As you watched her
Dancing in the night.

It warmed my heart
To see such love,
Even after 20 years.
It gave me hope
That perhaps, just perhaps,
I too may find such love one day
Of one who can love so purely.

She never saw you stare;
She never saw you beam;
She never saw you smile,
But she knew you were there, close by.

Then finally she found your eyes;
She beckoned you to join her —
To dance the night away with her.
And when you refused,
Pointing to your two left feet,
She came to get you.
She didn’t care
She just wanted you
To be by her side —
To share her joy —
To show the world her prize!

And so, you obliged
And danced with your bride —
Your queen of 20 years!
She beamed;
She smiled;
She melted in your arms;
Then she shared your stare…

Yahoo images: todayintango.wordpress.com
Yahoo images: todayintango.wordpress.com

This post is dedicated to all the couples out there in WordPress Land. May you be blessed with love for many happy years to come so you may be shining examples to the single folk among you. The world needs more love ^_^

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