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I love the nectar of your peach.
I love to taste the juice from your peach.

I adore your peach.

I love how your eyes roll in the back of your head as I devour your peach.
I love slipping my tongue deep inside the peach as far as I can.

I ache for your peach.

I love to spell your name with my tongue as I appreciate the peach.
I love how you moan, shake, and quiver as I devour your peach.

I’m haunted by your peach.

I love it when your peach is smothering me as you move your hips.
I really love your peach.

I can eat that peach every day.

Questions #2

Adult Content: 18 +

Is it so bad that I want to wake up next to your naked skin?

Is it so bad that I would rather make sweet love to you than fuck you?

Is it so bad that I want to lick the crack of your beautiful ass?

Is it so bad that I want you to squeeze your legs with my face between your thighs?

Is it so bad that I want to be your love slave?

Is it so bad that I am craving your drenched spot?

Is it so bad that I know deep down inside you want to be bad?

Scream of Ecstasy 

The others didn’t do it the way I would.

They didn’t lick and taste your back door.

I will soften it and be tender.

The more I will lick the more you will crave it.

I will cherish it.

I will be gentle and delicate.

I will insert just a little bit of my finger in your back door as I devour your peach.

The scream of ecstasy is a wicked dance.


Tell me if it hurts.

Inserting just the crown…

Relax baby.

Let me know when you want me to go deeper,

The scream of ecstasy is soaring like an eagle in the sky.


You never thought it would feel this good.

The pleasure is intense.


Adult Content: 18 +

Your words make me throb,
You ooze sexy and are delicious.
You are sexalicious.
Your creativity and mind makes me rock hard.
You are unique, kind, warm, sensitive, strong, and superior.
I love what I see.

You words make me close my eyes,
You have amazing lips.
You are incredible and appreciate you from a far.
Your soul feels like a everlasting fire wrapped around mine.
Your words makes me explode.
I love what I see.

Sea of Flames

The sound of the melody is invigorating.
Your chest is pressing on the rare jukebox.
Thrusts of animalistic desire wrap around your spine.
Entwined in the music and your delicious body.

Divine pleasure.
Biting lips.

Pulling your hair as your velvet pink is soaked.
My strong hands grazing your soft back.
Leaning forward to kiss the sweat on your shoulder,
Whispering “this is what you need” in your warm ear as you moan.

Orgasmic joy.
Pulsating fire,
Drenched tunnel.

The song is on repeat and the rhythm feels to be timeless.
Your panties were yanked to the side as I take control.
Complete dominance is in the quenched air.
The bliss is your scent.

Locked lips.
Waves of heat,
Aching thunder.

Your satin becomes wetter after each deep plunge.
You cry out to fill you up.
Your skin glistens as I erupt inside you.
The jukebox absorbs the sea of flames.

Shall we play the song again?