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You’re perfect!



The way you hug me round my waist;
The way you caress my curves just right;
The way you adore my legs;
The way you make me feel when we’re together;
I wish all the others were just like you.
Where have you been all my life?
You’re the best pair of pants I ever had!
I’m so in love with you!
😍 ❤️💋💞




Image source: Google images & Digital Art by A ~ I.R.B
Contents compiled: April 25 2017
Originally published: April 25 2017
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Do you not know where your mouth is?


She spills her food.
I ask jokingly,
“Do you not know
where your mouth is?”
She looks at me upstartedly saying,
“Yes I do!!!”

This has been a running gag
at my house for some time.
The expression on her face
is usually priceless.

So here I sit alone,
savoring her absence
and my midday breakfast,
sipping my coffee left-handedly.

Oops! There’s a spill!
So I ask myself jokingly,
“Do you not know
where your mouth is?”
I chuckle to myself as I respond,
“Yes I do!”


Image source: Digital Art by A~I.R.B.
Contents compiled: February 26 2017
Originally published: February 26 2017
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Your name in print? Hmm, maybe a bad idea!!!!

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Have you always wanted to be a published writer? Have you always fantasized about being famous — seeing your name in print? Well here’s a good reason why that’s probably a bad idea! But don’t take my word for it, watch the following video and decide for yourself.



Video: “The new phonebook’s here!”


Contents written: August 26 2016
Originally published: August 26 2016
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The sweetest gift

the sweetest gifts
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I currently have 4 pears sitting in my fruit bowl as I patiently await their ripening.

My lovely munchkin doesn’t like pears but when they are handed out at school for a snack or with her school lunch she tucks them away in her lunchbox to bring home to me.

I told my teacher you like pears, mom, so she says I can give them to you as a gift. Do you like your gifts?

Absolutely! I always love the gifts you bring and yes, I love pears! Thank you so much for thinking of me. (big smile and big hugs)

You’re welcome, mom. (more hugs)

See, it’s the moments like these when being a parent feels the most rewarding. When the sleepless nights, the screaming (why do they scream when they play?), the insane tantrums that drive us bonkers, the stress when they won’t listen, the aggravation when they break everything, the worry when they’re sick… This is when it all seems worth it, FINALLY!

To all you parents out there, here’s to enjoying the good days and hope they soon outnumber the bad not so good ones!

Wishing you all a fantastic day.



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Priceless moments…

Image Source: Yahoo Images (drhousecleaning.blogspot.com)
Image Source: Yahoo Images (drhousecleaning.blogspot.com)

That moment when
you potty train your kid
and you no longer need
to buy diapers:

Freaking awesome!

That moment when
the kid flushes a toy
and clogs the toilet hopelessly
(on a 3 day weekend
with no plumber in sight):



They can certainly
make us insane
but, hey, gotta love ’em.


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Inside my head…



The Event:
My phone lights up, vibrates, pings, dings — notifications galore!


Who are these people and what do they want?

My brain:
Well, don’t you have a blog?
They are your followers.

Why are people following me around?
That’s a little creepy!

My brain:
Well isn’t that the whole point of a blog?
They follow you so they keep track regularly of what you have to say.

Why in the world would anyone want to know what I said? Words just falls out of my head and my fingers catch them and place them nicely into sentences n stuff!

My brain:
Sentences n stuff? Yeah, well, when you put it like that I really can’t see why anyone would follow you around, they’ll be tripping over a mess all the time!

Did you just insult me?

My brain:
Well I thought you wouldn’t notice with all the words falling out of your head n stuff!

Thanks! You sure are a piece of work!

My brain:
Gee, thanks! A work of art is what I like to call myself. How nice of you to notice!

Seriously? Don’t you have somewhere to go? Why don’t you go be ‘Wonky’ or something?

My brain:
Ouch, that hurts!
Here I am being alert and interactive for a change and you’re wishing I was ‘wonky’?
Hmm, I bet the next time when I AM being ‘wonky’ you’d be wishing I was alert. There’s no pleasing you!

Well I like alert and I like productive but the insults and sarcasm are a bit much.

My brain:
Alright, alright, I’m sorry. Guess I’m just in a fiesty mood today. Forgive me?

I apologize for wishing ‘wonkyness’ upon you and you can stay, but can you tone down the sarcasm?

My brain:
Yep. Done.

So nice to be on good terms with you. Now back to the blog… Do people really like reading my stuff?

My brain:
Of course, you’re a freaking genius! Why else would they be following you around?

Gee, thanks!
A genius?
Is that more sarcasm?

My brain:
Umm, I’m feeling a bit ‘wonky’ right now, what were we talking about again?

Yeah right,  how convenient! (sigh)
Never mind…


Contents written: August 3 2016 | Originally published: August 8 2016 | Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

Shopping gone wrong!

He was a jovial bloke!

He saw his items
spread across the conveyor belt
and had a moment of buyer’s remorse.

“Oh my gosh,
what have I done!
My wife is going to kill me!”

His wife sent him
to do the shopping,
but then there was more —
much more!

He tried to justify each purchase
as he saw his grand total
creep higher and higher,
then shook his head in disbelief.

“How will he explain all this?”

He tested a few of his excuses on us
but they were more
hilarious than believable.
Funny thing is, he wasn’t kidding!

“I took a wrong turn
down the bread aisle,
and some how came face to face
with twinkies.
How was I supposed to escape
a trap like that? “

We laughed hysterically
as he continued
his elaborate confession.

“Then to add insult to injury,
I couldn’t make it in time
to the free store ‘giveaway’
because I got distracted
by the donuts and cookies.
So now the milk duds are just
to comfort my sadness.”

The tears were streaming
from my eyes by this time.
I was in stitches.
I tried to be professional
but it was useless.

He finally concluded
that the only thing
to save his life would be
to sneak his purchases
into the house.

“If I get caught,
I’m gonna blame her for
She should have known better
than to send me shopping alone!”

“At least I started of
with healthy choices:
fruits, veges, yogurt, and chicken.
But then it was all
downhill from there!
At least I should get
points for effort, right? “

We cackled ridiculously
as we wished him well
and sent him on his way.
He had good intentions and
no one can fault him for that.
After all, don’t we all?

He was the highlight of our day
and a good sport indeed!
I’ve since given him the name,
Mr. Good Intentions.

I doubt his wife
would see the humor
in any of his antics,
but he certainly was
an entertaining breath of fresh air.
May he rest in peace!


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Originally published: March 27 2017
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Just for laughs


Waking up with a smile is the best way to start your day. Surround yourself with things or people that make you happy. Better yet, have a good laugh,  it does the body good.

Have yourself a wonderful day!! 😀













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