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The Letter I Never Sent


Several years have passed,
emotions pouring out to a blank page day after day.
The courage was present as it was written,
but my heart was held captive.
I lacked the gumption to place it in the envelope.
My foolish pride is sitting quietly on a hill,
not feeling a breeze or gazing into the midnight sky.
It’s presence lives in danger and is isolated.
The fears that I kept close to my chest are chained and bound.
I sense laughter and stupidity if I wore my heart on my sleeve.
Perhaps this approach, philosophy, explains why I am sitting at a park bench by myself on a Saturday afternoon.

Several years have passed,
the letter sits underneath the lamp at my desk.
It reminds me to push forward and to take a leap of faith.
Today the courage is alive and have left my cocoon.
The more I learn about the opposite sex,
the more I discover more about myself.
I have charm, wit, intellect, and heart.
I have style, humor, and hope.
I believe in myself and have so much to offer.
The fears that I once had have disappeared.
Perhaps this approach, philosophy explains why there is love in my life.

My Chapters

My chapters embody experiences, raw emotions, and the layers inside.

You can’t skip chapters thinking it will be a quick read.

My chapters focus on my philosophy, approach to life, and humanity.

You won’t read too much on the surface of me.

My chapters are bound by the heart; it’s more important to me how others treat humans. My circle of friends is a small diameter.

You will notice that my life is more about quality than quantity.

My chapters touch spirituality not religion. My interests are broad for that I do not want a label.

You will notice that I do not judge but rather choose to understand people.

My chapters embrace all walks of life so that I am constantly feeling and learning.

You will notice my life is centered around four letters, love.