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Sing my child, just sing…



My mama told me once,
Child, just sing through your sorrow.
Though the tears fall down like rain,
Sing my child, just sing.

My mama told me once,
Child, just sing through the pain.
Though the heart hurts like it’s breaking,
Sing my child, just sing.

I tried mama’s trick once,
But I couldn’t sing, my voice was shaking.
So I hummed and hummed as best I could,
To ease my heart from aching.

I never told mama I tried her trick,
I wonder if she remembered her advice.
I’m not sure she ever knew
How diligently I tried and tried.

I could never sing when I’m in pain,
But at least I can hum a tune.
Though the tears keep falling down like rain
Mama’s advice always ran through.

Just sing through your sorrow,
Just sing through the pain.
Though tears fall and the heart is breaking.
Sing my child, just sing.


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Contents compiled: December 19 2016
Originally published: December 19 2016
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Your hands,
They know just where to go.
Slow yet steady,
Penetrating deep,
Healing, soothing, commanding,
Telling me it’s okay to “let go”.

They pause.
There is pressure —
Deliberate and concentrated.
They’ve found the knot —
One of many —
A source of my discomfort.
They move in circular motions now

I hold my breath
For a few seconds
Not wanting to be
Verbally inappropriate;
You ask if I’m okay.
I nod, “yes”.
I dare not speak
At least not yet.

Your hands,
They move to the
Damaged muscle now.
A few quick strokes to loosen
Then one long, slow stroke —
Concentrated, deep, pressure.

There is a shift.
I feel the tension release.
My muscles relax.
At last!

I exhale, finally.
You can tell I’m okay now,
There is no need to ask
But my time is up.
Your hands are amazing!
Although, I think you already know…

Contents written: November 6 2015 |  Originally published: November 15 2015  |  Copyright 2015 – 2016 Moylom Enterprises

Letting go…

Her final wish…

One day…
May the woman of your dreams
Love you fiercely.
May she know your value,
Nurture your spirit
Empower your soul,
Calm your fears
And make you happy
Beyond your wildest dreams.
And if it means
She makes you forget
All about me,
Then she has earned
Her place in your life.
I just hope she’ll discover as I did
How special you are.
Find love, be happy, be safe,
And most of all
Be free to find your destiny!

Those were the words she wrote to him in final acceptance of the end of their romance. And then she cried endlessly…

[This is Part 11, the end of a series entitled “Their Story”. See The Prequel to the series or Start series from the beginning

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Physical Therapy: Mr. S vs Mr. K

Earlier this year I was plagued with severe back pain and I wasn’t certain why. A series of tests including 2 MRIs and a biopsy finally revealed the cause of my discomfort.

I’m right-handed and as a result my left side is excellent at load-bearing but the downside to that is muscle damage along my left side — mainly my back. Add to that 17 yrs at a physically demanding job,  and my resistance to use a backpack instead of a shoulder bag (backpacks make me feel like a school kid) and the issue has compounded over time significantly.

Now that we (me and my doctor)  know what’s causing the pain, our plan of action is physical therapy  and making changes which include:

  • heat-assisted massages (muscle stimulation and tension release)
  • muscle strengthening exercises
  • avoiding activities that aggravate the problem
  • medication if the pain gets severe (but I’m not interested in masking the pain I want to fix the problem so I never filled the prescription).

Since I began Physical therapy (PT), I’ve noticed an increase in my flexibility, the pain has lessened and my mood is a lot better too. I’m now considering joining a gym close by once therapy is done but I’ve already been cautioned to start slow to avoid causing additional damage (I can get super competitive even with myself — setting goals, beating records etc. Yes, I can get a little nuts).

I used to run daily before munchkin was born, but not at all now and I think my sudden shift in physical activity has had a lot to do with my body literally seizing up. Actually, I am still very active but the shift has been from activity to strengthen and maintain core muscles and stamina to,  chasing a toddler, picking up said toddler, bending a hundred times a day to clean up after that toddler and carrying a million items her highness toddler ‘needs’ to make her tiny life complete while carrying my own bags plus grocery too. It’s no wonder my poor body has literally been collapsing under the pressure and has been crying out for help (single parent dilemma). Thankfully I have heard its cry and am now making ammends. Needless to say, my physical therapist is at the top of my list of things to be thankful for these days.

Sadly though, I was a little unnerved when Mr S, to whom I was assigned, was away for my last 2 sessions. PT is a very ‘hands on’ activity and I don’t like having my personal space invaded unnecessarily. But to my surprise, Mr K (Mr S’s understudy) did a fantastic job filling in and I was quite thrilled with the results. He was amazing at getting the knots out (younger, stronger hands — sorry Mr S! ) and this Chica has left PT feeling pretty darn good the last two times.

Today, however, Mr S was back and asked for an update on Mr K’s abilities. I requested a few things that Mr K did the last 2 visits and it seems Mr S wasn’t too pleased.

Mr S:
So K was being rough with you I see?

Ummmm…(turning my face the other side of the massage table delightfully embarrassed)

And as he uttered that sentence he pressed the heels of his palms deep into my sore muscles and all I could mumble was, “Oh my God!” (Don’t know if he heard me).

Seems that Mr K trying to show off lit a fire under Mr S since he certainly outdid himself this visit and I was beyond pleased. But it seems I might have also created a bit of in-house fighting healthy competition between the two. And there’s nothing wrong with that,  right?  (For the record,  Mr K was never rough,  he just zeroed in on the problem spots and masagged deeply. I have no idea why Mr S chose the word “rough”!

Anyway, I couldn’t look Mr K in the eye for the remainder of my session since I couldn’t help but think he and Mr S were gonna have a showdown heated,  chest thumping discussion about bravado, territory, boundaries and whatever else guys fight about. Oh my, I certainly have been a naughty girl today! Oh well…

Mr S cleared me to have a Deep Tissue Massage outside of PT if I needed extra loosening up between visits. I wish my insurance covered that too but unfortunately not. But my poor body desperately needs one (years since I had one — pre munchkin) so I will schedule one of those soon as a nice treat to myself.

I still have quite a few sessions to go before I’m cut loose (insurance limits) as I’m only doing once per week instead of two, but the way I’m feeling has inspired me to hit the gym soon because all this is reminding me of how wonderful exercise can be to help elevate one’s mood and this is something I need to do for me as I’ve left myself undone for far too long!

Feeling awesome today, and looking forward to many more days like these. Wishing you guys a fantastic day/week/weekend!!! ((Hugs))


Contents written: November 7 2015  | Copyright 2015 Moylom Enterprises