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Wrath of the Circus

The bellowing trumpets, flying roses, and children’s laughter spill out in the banana parade. 

Ladies and gentlemen, people of all ages, let me embrace you with our mythological circus. 

The soulless acrobat without a vein walks a tightrope. 

The troubled trapeze artist steals the show with his limping courage. 

The drunken clown dazzles many with her sensual walk. 

The smell of popcorn, cotton candy clouds, and fountains of syrup are in front of your nostrils. 

The strongest man is weakened by the lack of attention. 

The flickering lights rage over the roar of the crowd. 

The juggler is balancing his demons and forgotten joys. 

The tiger isn’t tamed by his master but the cage the audience constructed. 

The vultures, ravens, and lovebirds lose their feathers in this affair of the entertainment. 

Your senses will be heightened and realities will vanish for a three hour show. 

Step inside the monsoon and feel the wrath of the apocalyptical circus. 

Scorching Memories 

She gave me a starlight moment, 

She gave me a captivating sensation. 

She gave me more than I could ever expect. 

She gave me a ray of sunshine.


She gave me a bottle of passion to drink. 

She gave me a dash of spice. 

She gave me goosebumps from head to toe. 

She gave me the heat from the nectar.


She gave me more than I could ever dream. 

She gave me a scorching photograph, 

She gave me the sounds of ecstasy. 

She gave me the needle to my addiction. 


She gave me more time than I anticipated. 

She gave me a bounce to my next few steps, 

She gave me a window to inhale her air. 

She gave me the reason to appreciate what I have. 

Treasuring Your Magic 

I want to kiss your tears, 

I want to hold your sorrows in my palms. 

I want to clench on to you like a pearl. 

I want to feel the edges of your stars. 

I want to swim in your cerulean ocean. 

I want to gaze into your treasured eyes. 

I want to feel your darkest night. 

I want to sip from your cup of determination. 

I want to feel your magic on my fingertips. 

I want to embrace your wildfire and shine. 

I want to be on your precious canvas. 

I want to remember your liquid touch. 

I want to feel the bricks of your crumbled walls. 

I want to drink from your humble knowledge.

I want to photograph your delicate smile. 

I want to adore you like a gem. 

I want to wash my skin with your holy water.

I want to inhale the air you breathe. 

I want to cherish your halo and presence. 

I want to feel close to you in ways that no one can comprehend.