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I Miss You 

I am haunted by your voice.
Enchanted and enticed by your essence.
I miss you.

I adore your sweetness.
I am swarmed by all of your qualities like bees to honey.
I miss you.

I am groaning to the beat of your heart.
I cling to your vision.
I miss you.

I am intoxicated by your vineyard of a body.
I want to drink you up until the sun sets.
I miss you.

Breathtaking Lullaby 

She has guided his tears into the desert to dry.

She has laid beside him to calm the fears.

She sang a heart felt Lullaby to soothe his spirit.

She had the voice of an angel.

He couldn’t thank her enough.

A revelation is pronounced.

He kisses her on the forehead.

She breathes in the silence of love and admiration.

A new beginning was born.

The comfort that they shared was priceless.

He opened up more than he wanted.

She listened and it was needed.

The tenderness dripped from her fingertips.

He stared into her cerulean eyes.

It started with a breathtaking lullaby.

Never far away



She cried out for me
wondering where I was.
Where else would I be
but by her side?

I am never far,
always there to protect her
as best I can
for she is my precious jewel.

All she has to do
is cry out for me
and she can hear me answer.
She’s my baby.

Just the same,
I am God’s baby.
He hears my cry, 
He is never far
He is always there for me.


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Contents compiled: April 8 2017
Originally published: April 16 2017
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Hopeless Romantic 

He dives into a mirage of roses and doused in sparkling champagne.

Love is always flowing from his tongue and lips.

His sensitivity has deepened and the passion is endless.

A flame from the candle is his true light. 

He aches for touch, closeness, and completeness.

Poetry is his fortress and music is glowing from his heart.

He is the hopeless romantic desiring the perfect one.


I would love to hold you in my arms.

I would love to feel you so close to me. 

I would love to cuddle up next to your skin.

All I could think about is you. 

I would love to converse all night long about so many things. 

I would love to feel your body close to mine. 

I would love to cuddle up next to your heart so I can feel your love. 

All I could do is think about you.