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Hello Lovelies,

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Anonymously yours,


Anonymously Yours


Our conversations
should be meaningful
deeper than just the surface.

Our values should go beyond
the man-made idols we create.
Melancholy regret
should be something
we try to avoid
as we strive in earnest
to learn from our past mistakes.

In order to respect each other,
we must first respect
the Creator who made us.
He gave us guidelines
for how we should treat
our fellow man.
No one should be made
to feel like a toy —
played with then discarded
when the amusement dwindles.

Be fair, it’s that simple!
What’s good for you
should also be good for me.
Entitlement is the reward
of effort and input.
Words and actions
should be in sync.
A gift given from the heart
should not come
with strings attached.
Let reciprocity be free
and not pressured.

Show me your heart
as I will show you mine.

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As Her Mascara Runs

The silver bracelet falls on the crooked pavement as her mascara runs.

Her bedazzled mindset sits in a empty jar.

Her pockets are empty as she fumbles for the keys.

His presence consumed her existence.

He stood as a curse with deranged tattoos.

She is entwined in failure, mediocrity, and her bones are as fragile as her captive heart.

She raised the white flag but clearly he didn’t recognize her surrender.

The discomfort and turmoil scatters through her veins.

The ache and lost flame disappeared in their youth.

She has outgrown his lack of maturity.

She drove away recognizing to move forward was to let go.

Never ending Star 

Love stood in the doorway between the rooms of anger and hate.

Love found the pillars of echoing hearts and sang to freedom.

Love gave the seekers the answers that they were looking for.

Love could not wait for the ignorance and the blind.

Love held hands with the soulful hope and rainbow faith.

Love doesn’t need flavor or added preservatives to shine.

Love is not a shadow, glimpse, or a ray.

Love is the never ending radiant star that we choose not to see.

Love is something that we are afraid to see or we discard out of the lack of patience.

Ceramic Villains

Stomach acid gorges the frame of the picture.

Ceramic villains stand in the center of the image. 

Credit card smiles seek the light of the troubled road. 

Wallets become empty and as they cling to the objects of the rooms. 


Love was just a word to deceive…


Camouflaged tears reckon within the twitching of souls. 

Charades is not just the game but the poison they drink on a daily basis. 

Laying drunk in the center of the bed photographing plastic memories. 


Love was just a word they wanted to believe…


You Are Enough 

You are enough. 

Perhaps I just want more. 

You are enough. 

Perhaps I need more. 

You are enough, 

Perhaps I want you to speak up. 

You are enough, 

Perhaps I don’t want you to be shy. 

You are enough, 

Perhaps I want you to be more open. 

You are enough, 

Perhaps I want you to love yourself. 

You are enough, 

Perhaps I want you to see it completely.

You are enough, 

Perhaps I want us to evolve. 

You are enough, 

Perhaps I don’t say it enough. 

You are enough, 

Perhaps you just don’t see it.