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Who knew getting dirty could feel so good?

yahoo images (ashleyannphotography.com)
yahoo images (ashleyannphotography.com)

“I was a kid. There was dirt. We met and fell in love. The end”

Haha, I love that line!
Falling in love is a beautiful thing – – even if it is with dirt! Loving and appreciating nature and knowing it so intimately is, in my opinion, the way our Creator intended for us to be one with the gifts He so meticulously designed for us to cherish, care for and ultimately enjoy!

Have a great day in the dirt as we welcome Spring ^_^

yahoo images (ecosalon.com)
yahoo images (ecosalon.com)




I’m going to be dirty today.

As a kid, Mama often met me on the back stoop as I came in from playing outside. With a broom in her hand she’d have me slowly turn in a circle while she brushed dirt from my blue jeans. She wasn’t against sweeping my bare legs either if I happened to be wearing shorts.

“Don’t bring that mess in this house.” She’d say. “Did you plan to get dirty?”

Well no. I hadn’t planned to. I was a kid. There was dirt. We met and fell in love. The end.

I remembered that this morning as I thought about where to plant some things in the yard. I still love dirt. Not potting soil in shiny garden-center bags. I don’t care for the sterile smell of plastic and perlite. I love real dirt. Earth.

One of the finest smells of spring is that first whiff of good clean soil. Sealed in by…

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Echoes of Brilliance 

In the bewildering mountains of freedom,

Untamed dandelions chant songs of jubilation.

Rivers flow in rhythm and rhyme.

Trees and leaves bond like brothers and sisters.

Clouds of treasure sparkle among glory.

Praise the serenity of Mother Nature.

Speckles of faith prance through the holy forest.

Feathers of the birds possess harmony and eloquence.

Brilliance of the sun ignites purity on the sea.

Echoes of the melody make the world brighter with laughter.

Screaming Tree

The root of the screaming tree surrounds itself by a blizzard of echoes.
The bark is it’s voice in the forest that even crickets can’t hear.
The branches grow at a preposterous rate.
Neon lights flicker miles away to erase the anger inside the core of the tree.
Even the tree sends a prayer to feel a snowflake on a December morning.
As the leaves detach themselves loneliness digs into the roots.

White Shadow Falls

Champagne Balloons fly over White Shadow Falls.

Tender and endearing…

The brisk air is intoxicating as the sounds of autumn play in your ear like a ballad.

Gentle and peaceful..

It’s a place of comfort, completeness, and the scent of magic is exhilarating.

Bubbly and breathtaking….

Although it takes miles to vision it’s glory the scenery will take over your troubles.

Wild and enchanting…

At the hill of White Shadow Falls you could see the footsteps of an angel.

Warm and invigorating…

The angel stood at the top embracing what most don’t.

Beautiful and radiant…


Balderdash woke up from the morning sun.

He heard the birds chirping and felt a little dew from the grass. 

He hopped over the broken tree to search for food. 

In the distance he saw a field of bright green grass. 

He hopped with delight! 

Balderdash nibbled on the grass and clovers. 

In the distance he saw a bunny hop towards him. 

The Bunny leaned in and touched Balderdash’s nose with her nose. 

Balderdash’s heart lit up like a flame.

Instantly they fell in love.


I love staring at the clouds.
They can even be more amazing when the sky puts on a spectacular show for our entertainment. Enjoy 🌷

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Lola's Garden

glorious-viewSomewhere between
The sun
The moon
And a million stars
I see grace and the radiant light
That always calls me home
Into the warmth
Of your cherished

“I can only connect deeply, or not at all.” – Anais Nin

~The view from my porch was quite heavenly and inspiring tonight – Lola🌺

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The Fog

Source: Yahoo images (commons.wikimedia.org)
Source: Yahoo images (commons.wikimedia.org)

It rolled in three days ago,

Burning off by day,

Then descending again at night.


It thickens with each passing hour,

As if to slowly wrap its arms around us —

Making its presence felt.


Fog horns signal in the distance

And my young one imitates the sound

As I teach her of its importance to the ships at sea.


I love living near the ocean;

It brings back lovely memories of my childhood —

Memories I wish surfaced more often.


And to think I tried desperately to get a home elsewhere,

But the deal fell through.



God works in mysterious ways!

I am in awe of HIS mighty wisdom.

I am so glad HE loves me — even through the Fog.


*Originally published May 2015

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