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Breathtaking Lullaby 

She has guided his tears into the desert to dry.

She has laid beside him to calm the fears.

She sang a heart felt Lullaby to soothe his spirit.

She had the voice of an angel.

He couldn’t thank her enough.

A revelation is pronounced.

He kisses her on the forehead.

She breathes in the silence of love and admiration.

A new beginning was born.

The comfort that they shared was priceless.

He opened up more than he wanted.

She listened and it was needed.

The tenderness dripped from her fingertips.

He stared into her cerulean eyes.

It started with a breathtaking lullaby.

Hopeless Romantic 

He dives into a mirage of roses and doused in sparkling champagne.

Love is always flowing from his tongue and lips.

His sensitivity has deepened and the passion is endless.

A flame from the candle is his true light. 

He aches for touch, closeness, and completeness.

Poetry is his fortress and music is glowing from his heart.

He is the hopeless romantic desiring the perfect one.

Letter From A Craving Heart

Dear Beautiful One,

Everything you need to know is in this letter from the craving heart.

The distance we have can be a bridge.

I am falling for something that I know does not exist – an angel.

I would love to squeeze you and wipe away the teardrops.

I know deep down you love me and you have to hide it.

I know you are afraid to acknowledge that and feel your heart break into a million pieces.

I adore everything about you.

I want you more than anything.

I love your charm, wit, smile, and thirst for knowledge.

I want to sweep you off your feet as if it were a fairytale.

We can take walks in the park and share an ice cream cone.

As we taste the deliciousness our lips will meet.

The chemistry will be born.

My heart is full of romance, hope, and has a place for you.


Your Secret Admirer