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Sarcasm or Irony?



How can he honestly
Wish her happiness
When he’s the one
Causing her pain?

Is he trying to be funny?
Is he being sarcastic?
Is he just clueless?
Is it all just empty words?

Is he aware he just became
Like all the others who hurt her?
She thought he was different.
How ironic!


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Contents compiled: December 11 2016
Originally published: December 11 2016
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Fix me…



The darkness surrounds me
if but for a moment.
I don’t like feeling this way
But ever so often
I need to wallow
just so my heart
has a moment to feel.

Being numb
takes a lot of energy sometimes.
Putting on a brave face
is harder than you think.

I don’t want to always be brave.
I do want to cared for,
loved, adored, cherished.
But wishing upon a star
has all the merits
of a lovely fairytale
that often doesn’t come true.

Please forgive my sadness,
I’ll be brave again tomorrow,
Or at least I’ll put on a happy face,
So I don’t have to be asked
the hard questions
for which I have no answers.

Bear with me in this moment
As this zone is under construction.
Broken seems to be
the new normal some days.
Has anyone seen the duct tape?
I hear it can fix just about anything!
Perhaps it will fix me…


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Keep trying!

Hello lovely people!

Hope your week is going well.
Chilling with Pink for a bit today.
Though she’s edgy and fun, and sometimes just plain outrageous (which I can totally get into when in the mood), she does have a softer side that tells me she’s just as complicated as the rest of us.

The following lines from her song ‘Try’ always speak to me because I can relate to it no matter what state my life is in. The message is applicable across the board and so I hope you can find meaning in it too. Enjoy! 🌷

Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame, someone’s bound to get burned
But just because it burns, doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You gotta get up and try, and try, and try
Gotta get up and try, and try, and try
You gotta get up and try, and try, and try
– Pink –



Song: “Pink -Try (Lyrics)


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Fighting Dirty

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I promised to never
hold your past against you.
You asked me for a chance
to prove yourself
so I wiped the slate clean —
I gave you a fresh start
and you promised
to do the same for me.

To this day,  I never used your past
in any of our arguments.
I never threw your mistakes
back in your face.
I always held my tongue
and kept my promise
to respect you as a person.
But you reneged —
your word was not bond.

You disrespected me,
called me names,
became violent,
threatened my life, 
then defiled me
in the worst way possible —
You took from me
what I would have given you freely
had you loved me like you promised.

To love,  honor and cherish,
for better for worse, 
in sickness and in health,
til death do us part —
those were the words we vowed, 
but you didn’t keep your promises.
You fought dirty.
You tried to use my past againt me, 
but now it seems
you get your just reward.
It doesn’t pay to fight dirty does it?


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Originally published: Sept 7 2016
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